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Friday, 22 June 2018

Import CSV Contacts into Android Phone (Samsung, Moto G, Nokia)-Simple Method

These days one of the most important devices people use are smartphones. Smartphones are important as they provide connectivity. To connect and communicate with someone, a user must have contact information. Many users manage their contact information like name, address, email address etc. in a CSV format. In CSV, tabular data like number and text is stored as plain text. Mostly contacts files are saved in CSV format. Sometimes there is a need to import CSV contacts into Android Phone, so main query is how to import CSV to vCard. Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss an efficient yet simple approach to import CSV contacts into android and also learn the use of CSV to vCard converter.

Steps to Import CSV Contacts into Android Phone

The import process is divided into two steps, the first step is to convert CSV file to VCF android using CSV Converter Mac and then the second step is to import converted vCard to Android.

Step 1: Use CSV to vCard Converter

  1. The first step is to download and install CSV to vCard Mac Converter on your Mac machine to import CSV contacts into android
  2. Then launch the CSV to vCard converter for mac on your machine
  3. Now, locate the downloaded .dmg file and open it by double-clicking on it
  4. Double click on the .app file within it and get started with CSV converter

  5. Here, you have to select the source and destination path
  6. Click on the first Browse button and locate CSV contacts file within your Mac machine

  7. Now, get CSV file path information as tracked down by the CSV to VCF Mac converter software

  8. Select the destination where you want to receive final vCard VCF files by clicking on the Browse button

  9. You will see the path where you will receive your CSV exported vCard
  10. Now, you can map CSV contact columns with vCard attributes according to your requirements

  11. To map contact field, you have to select any CSV File column and then select vCard column corresponding to it.

  12. After this, you have to click on the Add button
  13. Click on the Map all columns check box to by default map your CSV contacts columns against vCard fields

  14. To delete earlier field mapping preferences, click on the Remove button

  15. Once mapping process is done, click on the Export button to start the export process to migrate CSV to VCF

  16. After the successful completion of the export process of software to import CSV contacts into android phone will prompt you regarding the same
  17. A message will appear along with the counts on contacts when the export process is done now you can import CSV contacts into Android

  18. Now, you can view exported vCard contacts in the Mac Address Book or if you are having some email client installed and configured, then you can also open vCard contacts by taking their proprietary

  19. In the image given below, you can see the view of exported vCard contacts in Mac Address Book

Step 2: How to Import vCard to Android

In this step, you have to import vCard contacts to Android so that you can easily view your contacts on smartphone having the Android operating system
  1. First of all, open your Android phone

  2. Tap on the Contacts into android phone.

  3. After this, a list of the contacts will be displayed here

  4. Now, you have to click on the three vertical dots icon present on the top right corner into android phone

  5. A menu list will be displayed. From the menu list, you have to tap on Import/Export option
  6. You will see the different options in the Import/Export contacts. Now, you have to select Import from .vcf file option into android phone

  7. Click on the location where your vCard file is saved
  8. Now, you will see the file you converted in step 1. Choose that .vcf file

  9. A pop-up will be displayed on your mobile’s screen that is All Contacts .vcf will be imported shortly

  10. After the completion of the import process, a notification will be displayed that is Finished importing vCard (filename).vcf

  11. Now, CSV contacts imported successfully into android you will be able to access the vCard contacts into Android phone

  12. You can also view more information about the contact by selecting and opening it

  13. For the further use, you can also save the exported contacts in your Google account
  14. To save the exported contact in your Google account you have to select the Gmail account in which you want to import contacts

  15. You have to select the file by going to the location where the vCard file is saved


Many users are searching for an easy and step by step procedure to import CSV contacts into Android phone. Therefore, in this post, we have discussed a two-step procedure to resolve the issue people face while importing their CSV contact to the Android phone. The user just has to follow the above-stated steps correctly. Moreover, the above-mentioned Importing CSV to VCF method is completely safe.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How To Recover Deleted Emails From Yahoo After 30 Days Effectively

Nowadays, it becomes common for everyone to access email accounts on daily basis. Whether it is for personal usage or professional. There are several webmail service providers available and Yahoo is one of them. With the emergence of the mail services, sending and receiving the messages has become easier. Sometimes, though, we delete some email messages unknowingly and it becomes tough if you don’t know how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo after 30 days. Losing important emails or accidentally deleting emails that you still need can be frustrating. Users can restore lost Yahoo emails as Yahoo! Mail provides ways to recover deleted Yahoo mail. Whenever an email is deleted from its folder it is automatically transferred to a "Trash" folder. So, that if it needs again in the future user can retain it. But these deleted messages are available in Trash folder only for the retention period i.e., 30 days. Once the retention period is complete data get deleted permanently and it becomes impossible to recover permanently deleted emails from Yahoo. To avoid these situations user needs to prepare at prior for that, one can download all Yahoo emails to computer. So, that if retention period has passed you should know how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo after 30 days. Let’s consider a user query to understand the issue more precisely.
“Hi, I have deleted some important emails unintentionally from my Yahoo account, more than 45 days ago. I was trying to retrieve deleted Yahoo mail from Trash folder but I found its empty. I am stuck in a big trouble those emails contain sensitive information which is important for me. Is it possible to obtain and restore lost Yahoo emails and attachments to the mail? Is somebody know how to recover permanently deleted emails from Yahoo then, please tell me asap. Any help will be appreciated."

Know How To Recover Deleted Emails From Yahoo After 30 Days

Sometimes user comes across the problem where their emails are deleted unknowingly or unintentionally and they want to be retain deleted emails. But it is impossible to recover permanently deleted Yahoo mail from the account without any backup. Another issues may occur that is Yahoo mail disaster, in this hassle you cannot access your account. Thus, user should prepare at prior to tackle these situations. Before deleting any email always take backup of your sensitive and important emails and save them to the secure location. Now, the question may hit on your mind how to take backup of Yahoo mail. Because taking backup of email is not an easy task. The solution should be safe, secure and effective. Therefore, to take backup one can opt SysTools Yahoo backup tool. The software is capable to take the backup efficiently into PST, MBOX, EML and MSG file format. In case, of emergency, you can access your email into Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird. The upcoming section will explain how to take backup via Yahoo backup tool.

Retrieve Permanently Deleted Yahoo Mail From Backup File

  1. Download and install SysTools Yahoo backup tool
  2. Complete the two-step authentication and Login with correct credential
  3. Select file format as per the requirement i.e., PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX
  4. You can apply filter and chose the desired location to save the backup file
  5. Now, click on Start button and the software will start the process
  6. After completion of backup process go to the destination location, You can view final converted files. From here you can easily restore lost Yahoo emails.

Bottom Line

Yahoo is one of the most popular email clients. Once in a while, everyone unintentionally deletes their important emails. But for a silly mistake, you cannot afford a big loss in your work or business. Therefore, always be prepared, if you don’t want to be one of them as mentioned in the above query. Then, you should take a backup so that if data get deleted permanently you will know how to recover deleted emails from Yahoo after 30 days. Only backup can help you to restore lost Yahoo emails. The above-mentioned software is developed to take backup of Yahoo mail smoothly. Its feature to convert the data into four file format is center of attraction. One can rely on it to take Yahoo backup.

Monday, 12 March 2018

How To Restore EML Files To Gmail via Thunderbird Email Client

Restore EML Files to Gmail Account - A Trouble-Free Solution

Are you trying to restore EML files to Gmail? Have you stuck with the problem to regenerate your EML mail files into Gmail? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to tell you the perfect solution on how to import EML mails to Gmail.

EML is a file format, which stores mailbox items of various email-client. Thunderbird, Dream Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express etc. are some email application, which stores their data in EML format. But sometimes they want to import their EML mails to Gmail account. Because, Gmail provides many advanced facilities like fast processing, huge free storage, more secure, cloud-based application, additional search option, spam filtering option, etc. Therefore, we are here to guide you thoroughly how to import EML to Gmail using manual method and third party solution SysTools  EML to G Suite Importer. Let us study it in details.

I have a large number of EML files that I want to regenerate into Gmail account. When I was trying to import .eml files to Gmail by using Thunderbird then I found this method can import only one file at a time. So, I need an efficient third-party solution but I am not very updated regarding different available software in the market. Can you please help me to find a hassle-free solution. Thanks in advance!!

Do the above-mentioned query seem familiar to you? Are you also looking answer to the same problem? Then, it is suggested to use a third-party tool like EML to G Suite software, which resolves all the problem faced by users during the manual approach. But, if a user is technically strong and they want a free solution, then they can use Thunderbird to manually restore EML mails to Gmail.

Solution to Restore EML Files to Gmail Account

In order to restore your EML mails to Gmail account by using Thunderbird, you have to perform following three steps:

 1. Move EML Files to Thunderbird
 First, you have to transfer your EML mail files to the Thunderbird account. By doing this, you can use drag and drop method, select an EML file, drag, and then drop it into a desired folder of Thunderbird account. If you have a large number of EML mail files, then you have to perform this task several times.
 2. Configure Gmail with Thunderbird 

 1. To start this process, open Thunderbird account, then go to the Tools menu and select Account settings.

 2. After that, from the Account Actions drop-down, choose the Add Mail Account option.

 3. Now, enter your name and your credentials then click on the Continue button.

 4. Then, Thunderbird tries to configure the settings for your mail account automatically. But, to fill the correct setting manually, you have to click on the Stop button.

 5. In this step, click on the Manual Setup button to fill the settings manually.

 6. Next, enter the settings manually and click on OK button.

 7. Now, an SMTP Server dialog box opens, fill all the details like description, server name, port, username and click on the Ok button.

 8. Next, click on your email address and type your email address in the Account name field. Then, on Outgoing Server (SMTP) drop down and select the server setting you have configured previously. Then, click on the OK button.

 9. Finally, your Gmail account is successfully configured with Thunderbird.

 3. Move EML mails from Gmail to Thunderbird .
After configuring your Gmail account with Thunderbird, you are able to open your Gmail message in Thunderbird. Now, you have to move your EML into Gmail account. For doing this, you can either use drag and drop method or you can use Move to option. Finally, you can restore EML mails to Gmail account. If you have more than one EML files, then perform this process again.

Automated Solution

The manual method which is mentioned in the above section help us to convert EML to Gmail.
The limitation of manual method is that a user has to drag and drop EML files one by one which is a very time consuming process. In such case user can go for SysTools EML to G Suite importer software which makes the entire conversion process really simple.

Time to Wrap Up

Gmail application is more preferred than EML because of its advanced facilities. So, most of the users need to import EML to Gmail again. Thus, a manual method by using Thunderbird application is discussed in this blog. In addition to the manual method, a trouble-free tool is also explained to efficiently and easily restore EML files to Gmail account.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Verizon Yahoo Email Acquisition – Get Back Old Yahoo Mail

A few years ago Yahoo was the most famous email client, and in today’s era Verizon has taken over Yahoo. Yahoo faced so many downtime that most of the users have started to move from Yahoo. Yahoo's ad revenue has been falling for most of the last decade. Now, Verizon is counting on the combination of Yahoo and AOL to build a strong third alternative in a rapidly growing digital advertising market that is currently dominated by Google and Facebook. Because of Verizon Yahoo email acquisition users are worried and they are looking searching a solution to get back old Yahoo mail. Therefore, this article will solve this problem but, before moving for solution let’s know the reason that is why users move or save Yahoo Mail.

Why User Neglect Verizon Yahoo Email

The issue is not regional but universal; thus, a worldwide set of Yahoo users is observed being affected by Yahoo mail acquisition. Some of the major reason is described below.
  • Verizon Yahoo mail does not support to configure with other email clients i.e., MS Outlook, Thunderbird. Such as if a user wants to switch from Yahoo to Outlook then, from Verizon its not possible.
  • Before acquisition everything was fine but now, many users are facing issues while login to their Yahoo account because it redirected to Verizon.
  • As Verizon going to present advance features combining with Yahoo. Therefore, it may take time to understand the new email client.
  • Verizon Yahoo Email can get hacked, and once the data is lost then, there is no way to get back old Yahoo mail.
A number of searched queries are flooding in Google after the acquisition of Yahoo mail, and users are complaining about the issue that is they cannot access Verizon Yahoo email.
  • How to get of Verizon Yahoo mail?
  • What to do if Verizon Yahoo emails not working?
  • Why does Yahoo redirect to Verizon on every login attempt?
All the above mentioned issues have a huge impact on the users. Now, the question arises on how to resolve these problems? Therefore, the next section will cover the solution for this major issue.

How to Get Rid of Verizon Yahoo Mail Challenges

The biggest challenge for Yahoo users are facing that is retrieving the Yahoo mails back. To get back old Yahoo mail data, there is an only one solution that backing up all the mail items. There are many solutions are available but it may lead to the loss of data. Therefore, one should proceed with a secure solution to backup the emails like Yahoo mail backup tool.
SysTools Yahoo Backup, one of the trusted brand to take the backup of complete Verizon Yahoo email into multiple file format. The software supports PST, MBOX, EML, and MSG file formate. The benefit of backing up the data into PST format is one can access the data into their Outlook account as well as Gmail account (via GSMMO tool).

Summing Up

As discussed above, after the acquisition of Yahoo mail, many users are stuck into an unwanted hassle. Therefore backup is the only way to avoid and overcome this situation. A user always searches for a reliable solution, a solution which can secure the data. The above mentioned Yahoo mail backup tool is full fill all the requirements of a user. This is a perfect solution get back the old data from Verizon Yahoo email.

Monday, 20 November 2017

How to Transfer Photos from Google Drive to OneDrive ?

Tips to Transfer Photos from Google Drive to OneDrive

With a host of options for the users to choose from in the cloud storage services, storing of photos, videos, files and documents haven’t been easier than this. OneDrive or SkyDrive from Microsoft is one such cloud storage and file hosting service that allows the user to backup and sync photos, files and videos to the cloud storage so that they can be accessed from any device or web browser from across the globe. Thus, these files and photos can be shared or made public with family and friends. The same way, Google has launched its Google Drive which is also a cloud storage service to backup photos, videos and files to the cloud. But when the user has to move photos from Google Drive to OneDrive, the manual task is to download the photos from Google Drive to the computer and then upload it to OneDrive account. Here in this article we deal with how to transfer photos from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Manual Method to Move Photos from Google Drive to OneDrive

Step 1: Move Photos from Google Drive to Computer System

  • Sign in to your Google account. 
  • Click on the Google Drive icon in the right-hand corner of the screen. 

  • All the photos will be displayed. 
  • Select any one photo & Choose Download Icon On the upper right-hand corner and Download Image as shown Below:  

  • The downloaded image will be saved to the local disk as shown below:

  •  Also you can select multiple photos for downloading. For this, select the photos that you want to download. 

  •  Click on download. The photo gets automatically downloaded to the local system in a zip file.

Step 2: Move Photos from Local Hard Disk to OneDrive

  • Login to your Microsoft OneDrive account or create one, if you don’t have it. 

  • Once you are logged in to Microsoft, you will see a set of Microsoft services like Outlook, Microsoft Store, Skype, Office, OneDrive etc in a straight horizontal line at the top just below the navigation pane. Select OneDrive -> Photos. 
  • In the Photos window, you can upload photos from the local disk by pressing on the three dot icon next to New option.
  •  From the drop-down list, select Upload option. 

  • In the navigation window that opens, select the photos from the folder that you want to upload to OneDrive. 
  • The process of photo uploading starts. You can select multiple photos to upload to OneDrive. 

  • You can also create a new folder in OneDrive Photos and store the photos according to the albums created.Here you can view the uploaded image :

Drawbacks of the Manual Methods

The manual method has its own shortcomings like the difficulty in transferring photos from Google Drive to OneDrive. The task is tedious and tough for a non-technical user and also there are chances that the photos might get lost in transition.

Software Approach

When the manual methods fail to do the required photo transfer from Google Drive to OneDrive, it is best to rely on third-party tool like SysTools G Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool. This tool maintains the folder hierarchy while retaining the date filters. Also this is compatible with all the Windows OS and the only thing that this tool needs is an internet connection to migrate the photos from Google Drive to OneDrive. The G Drive to OneDrive Migration Tool is so designed keeping the drawbacks of the manual methods in mind like the inability to effectively transfer the photos to OneDrive. Also, in the professional tool method, not even a single bit of data is lost and the folder hierarchy is maintained in addition to providing the users three more permissions of Read, Write and Comment.


This blog deals with the transfer of photos from Google Drive to OneDrive. The manual method is explained above and also the difficulties are mentioned too. The use of automated software is recommended so that the transfer of photos can take place smoothly and easily with additional features given which is a boon to the users.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Completely Delete All Yahoo Emails at Once After Saving Yahoo Mailbox Data

An email account folder gets soon cluttered if the one does not regularly delete their messages, which are no longer needed. Most of the email services permit to delete multiple email messages from a particular sender at a time. Out of which, Yahoo is one of them that makes easy for users to manage and delete multiple emails at once. In the following write-up, we will discuss the way to delete all Yahoo emails at once. However, before that, it is important to know why the one needs to delete emails. Let us read further, to know in details the need and way to delete emails.

Need to Delete Yahoo Emails in Bulk

We all are aware that email services are quite useful. However, cyber based criminal acts have become common nowadays. In which, committers are mainly involving in the mails such as spoofing, keylogger, etc. The account holder is not much aware of this unless something happens. Therefore, it is important to delete the emails after making the usage of it. Let us go through the following user queries to make this concept more clear:

"I was using Yahoo from last few years, suddenly it is showing an error of Inbox Full. Now, I want to erase all the emails. How can I delete all my yahoo inbox messages at once?"

"One of my friend wants to know how to delete all Yahoo emails at one time 2013. Is there any solution to delete/remove all Yahoo inbox at once?"

"My brother wants to delete all unread Yahoo emails from the inbox. Can anyone suggest an easy way to erase Yahoo emails?"

Way to Delete all Yahoo Emails at Once

Yahoo gives its users either to delete emails one by one or delete the complete mailbox. However, at once only 50, 100, or 500 emails can be removed. Whereas deletion of mails can only be done page wise, deletion of mails is slower in case of old email accounts.

You can choose the mails selectively by simply checking square box, which is near sender’s name. After that, select an option ‘Delete’ to remove them. However, by doing this all the mails will retain in Trash folder.

Otherwise, one can go for "Select All option" >> "Delete".

Deleting mail will not do all work. All the mails are retained in "Trash" when deleted. It has to remove from "Trash" for safeguarding from the act of criminal. It means hard-deletion is required to be done from user’s account. Once erased from "Trash", one cannot get it back.

What If you are not Having Backup & Deleted Important Mail?

Do not worry we have come up with the solution, i.e. SysTools Yahoo Backup. It makes easy for you to delete the complete Yahoo data after downloading the data locally on the Machine. The application is totally safe as well as secure to utilize. The application only requires the credentials to backup and remove all your data. Downloading the data locally makes easy for the one to utilize easily. The utility gives an option to save Yahoo mailbox data into PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX file format.

Yahoo Backup- One Tool Many Aspects!

  • Offers Dual option to backup Yahoo mail data- batch or selective.
  • No external utility is required to back up the complete data.
  • Proper internet connectivity and Yahoo credentials are required.
  • Maintains the data integrity in exact form after backup of data.
  • Supports multiple language that makes easy to utilize accordingly.

Know How the Yahoo Backup Tool Works

  1. Login to the application by using the credentials of desired account.
  2. Select the desired file format to backup.
  3. Choose desired location to store the backup using "Browse" button.
  4. Apply filters, accordingly and click on "Start" button.
  5. Apart from filtering, the important feature is "Delete After Download".
  6. This option once enabled erases the backed up emails from your Yahoo mailbox permanently.
  7. Important: The "Delete After Download" option is only valid on emails and no other data such as chats.
  8. Click on "Ok" once finished.

Outcome of the Write-Up

In manner to manage the data and save time, most of the users search for the solution that how to delete all Yahoo emails at once. After understanding, the user’s concern we have come up with a solution to erase all Yahoo emails at once without any issue.