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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Solution to Fix: Unable to Send Emails From My Yahoo Account

Yahoo mail is one of the trusted and most powerful sources to make online communication through e-mail possible. But sometimes a Yahoo mail user finds himself in trouble due to receiving unexpected errors while sending or receiving emails. Now, in this blog post I am going to discuss how to fix email sending errors in Yahoo mail.
Get easy stepwise solution to resolve a highly searched statement “I am unable to send emails from my Yahoo account using a web browser or email clients”. This is the most problematic issue for Yahoo mail client users  as they tend to lose their only source of performing email communication. 

Case1: Can't Send Or Reply To Emails Using Web Browsers?

Are you having problem using the send, reply, and forward functions in Yahoo Mail? If yes, then it means some browser add-on or other programs on your computer might be causing trouble to the Yahoo Mail “Rich Text toolbar” from working properly. You can simply switch to the plain text toolbar:
  1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail.
  2. Click Compose.
  3. Click the double arrow button (<<) at the right side of the formatting toolbar.
  4. A small text window will pop-up (Switch to Plain Text) > Now press the OK button
  5. Compose and send your email.

Case2: Account Temporarily Blocked From Sending Messages
Some email accounts may stop emails from being sent, if any suspicious activity is detected on the account. It means Yahoo has temporarily blocked your account from sending messages that should lift in 1-2 days without any effort.
How To Fix This Issue?
  1. Through CAPTCHA word verification
  2. Try sending a plain text email to one recipient
I also suggest, changing user password instantly and visiting the email account help center.

Case3: Problems Sending Yahoo Mail from Mozilla Thunderbird  

If you are unable to send emails using Mozilla Thunderbird, you should first validate that you have configured your email client properly. Check out how to configure Yahoo mail in Mozilla Thunderbird:
1)        Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

2)        Click on Create a new account.

3)        The "Mail Account Setup" pop-up window comes into view.

4)        Enter your account details as follows

o   Your name: ABC

o   Email address:

o   Password: Abc!Xyz

5)        The pop-up window expands >> Select POP3.

6)        Thunderbird will display settings for your account >> Select Manual Configuration

Make sure that the following is set: 

Server Type

Server Hostname
Outgoing : SMTP
Normal Password
Incoming: POP3
Normal Password

Case4: Problems Sending Yahoo Mail from MS Outlook

If you can’t send emails from Outlook configured with your Yahoo mail account, you might be accessing the Internet through an ISP that is blocking the SMTP port. If this is the case, try using port 587 when sending email via Yahoo!'s SMTP server. To make this change:
  • Select Account Settings from the Tools menu of Outlook
  • The Account Settings dialog box appears
  • Select your Yahoo! Mail Plus account >> click Properties. 
  • The Change E-mail Account dialog box appears.
  • Click More Settings >> Advanced tab.
  • Type 587 In the Outgoing Server (SMTP) box.
  • Click on Apply >> OK and finally click on Close to exit the Account Settings dialog box.
Conclusion: Above mentioned methods can be used to solve issues resulting in the statement “I am unable to send emails from my Yahoo account”. By making these minor changes in your mail account, you can enable sending emails. But, if you are still in problem and are unable to send messages, then directly contact the Yahoo support center for further assistance.