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Backup Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive Using Desktop Email Clients

Business professionals & home based users too, must regularly back up precious emails, contacts, calendars and notes to have uninterrupted access to important information. Mainly in case, when a mail server (Yahoo) becomes inaccessible for the moment.  You should not totally depend on the online mail service because if someone hacks your account or you forgot your password, then there are only a few possibilities to get back the data. Backing up a web mail account to hard drive like; Yahoo is the best alternative to avoid such types of issues.

How to Backup Yahoo Mail to Local Drive?

The standard approach for storing data from your Yahoo mail account to your hard drive is by copying each email to a reliable file format. And it is not possible to directly copy emails from your Yahoo account to our computer’s hard drive. To perform such a backup you will require a free or paid application. Apart from that, some other manual methods available help you download Yahoo mail data to your computer.

A more suitable method for backing up messages and contacts from Yahoo Mail is to configure the account with a desktop email client like: Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.  It is a much loved technique and preferred by most of the professionals for the purpose of offline working and back up too. After setting up an account, the email client downloads entire messages from your account to its storage which exists on your hard drive.

Backup Yahoo Mail Using Microsoft Outlook!

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop email client developed by Microsoft and installed automatically with your MS Office suite or can be purchased separately too. So you can use this email client to backup your Yahoo mail account. It will download all your data and store it in a separate file known as PST (Personal Storage Table) file. Some steps that are required to configure Yahoo mail with MS Outlook have been listed below:
1) Open MS Outlook on your machine (Go to Start >> All Program >> Microsoft Office >> Microsoft Office Outlook)
2) From the Menu bar, click on Tools >> Account Settings.

3) Now click on the New button to add a new Yahoo account.

4) Select first radio button (Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) >> Click Next.


5) Check the check box (manually configure server settings or additional server types) given at the bottom of the window and click on Next.


 6) Select Internet E-mail then click Next.


7) Now fill in your account details (name, email id and password)

  • Select POP3 from Account type
  • Incoming Mail Server –
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) – filling the details click on More Settings… button.


8) Go to the Advanced tab and fill server values as follows:

  • Incoming Server POP3: 995
  • Check the box (this server requires an encrypted connection SSL)
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP): 465
  • Select SSL from the drop down list for encrypted connectionFinally, press OK button.

9) Now move to Outgoing Server tab:
  • Check the check box (My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication)
  • Choose the first radio button (Use same settings as my incoming mail server)After choosing options press Ok button.

10) After providing all details in the next window, Press Next button.


11) Now you will see a Congratulations message on the window that appears later >> Click on OK. Your account is configured successfully.

Note: Now you have configured your Yahoo account on MS Outlook successfully. You can download your Yahoo mail data by clicking on “send/receive” function.


Backup Yahoo Mail Using Mozilla Thunderbird!

If you don’t have MS Outlook installed on your computer, then use a free email client like; Mozilla Thunderbird. It will download your Yahoo mail data and save in its emails in an MBOX format file. Check out the steps given below to configure your Yahoo mail on Thunderbird.
1) Download and install free setup of Thunderbird on your computer.

2) Open Mozilla Thunderbird and provide your credentials to login account.

3) Select the first radio button IMAP (remote folders) >> Click on Create account.

4) Now your account will be configured. You can then check your emails by clicking on Inbox folder

Conclusion: Above mentioned methods can be used for offline emailing and data backup purposes. Once your account is configured with Outlook or Thunderbird client you can view and download your emails, contacts, tasks and calendars on your computer without the need of internet connection. Still, if you have a number of accounts to backup and are unable to backup your data using any of the above stated method then an automated application can be used for performing the same task.


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