Monday, 4 August 2014

How to Backup Gmail Contacts to Your PC Manually?

Gmail is a free web based emailing service which is widely used in the whole world by many users for professional or personal purpose. Gmail allows to send, receive emails, attachments to any number of recipients. Users can also store“contacts” and tasks in their account by using the free email service by Gmail. As we know that contacts are very helpful for us to connect with our friends and colleagues.Gmail is a free service to use for communication purpose or store your data, but some limitations also come with it. You should not depend completely on the service because if you lose your password or someone hacks your credential then you only have20% chance to recover them. So, it is a good  practice to take backup of your emails, contacts from time to time. So here I am going to discuss some points as to why or how to take your Gmail account backup as found in many forum & blog posts.

Features Provided by Google Along with Gmail Contacts!

If you are using Gmail email application, then you have a strong point that it stores all contacts in an online address book.Gmail users can store complete details of a person as he desires to&can also bookmark them for future use.  Users can simply connect and communicate with their clients via the contacts stored in their Gmail account. Google also offers Synchronization of contacts with Mobile devices or with PC applications using the Google Sync app.  Apart from that, Google provides some useful functions to manage stored contacts, given below:
  1. Add to “My Contact” (to create a new contact)
  2. Sorting contacts by first name and last name
  3. Import contacts from CSV file as well VCF files
  4. Export Contacts to Outlook CSV, Google CSV and vCard file
  5. Print contacts in hard copies
  6. Find and merge duplicates automatically
  7. Restore contacts within 30 days
All above functions provide simplicity for Gmail users in managing their contacts. But notice one thing that,Gmail stores your contacts in a cloud database not on your computer. So to keep a copy of same data it is necessary to backup your Gmail account regularly.

What Is The Need to Backup Gmail Contacts?

There are many different situations when Gmail users think of taking backup of their accounts. Apart from that,Google can also hit you in case of any unexpected glitch occurred as loss of even a single contact can lead to a serious situation. So it is a good practice to create backup of Gmail data on a regular basis as healthy backup. Two of the reasons are stated below:
  • Permanent deletion of Gmail account due to any unexpected reason
  • Google downtime state making you unable to log into your account
It is constantly beneficial to have a backup copy of precious contacts that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. One more benefit is that the user will have full control over data. Specifically, when the contacts are accessed using desktop email clients like Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird etc.

Follow Stepwise Guide for the Query “How to Backup Gmail Contacts?”
  1. Login to your Gmail account and move to Contacts section.

  2. Now click on “More” button.

  3. Select the Export option from the drop down list.

  4. Select all contacts and the choose export format. Finally,click on the export button to backup contacts stored on your Gmail account.

  5. Give a desired location and click on the Save button to complete the backup process.
Using these manual steps, you can take backup your Google contacts into; Google CSV, Outlook CSV, and the most commonly used format i.e. vCard file.
CSV file can be directly imported into MS Outlook. Since, vCard is a format of contacts storage file it is accepted by many email clients as well as mobile devices such as; Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry,etc., respectively.


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