Thursday, 7 August 2014

Simple Steps to Block Senders in Gmail

Emailing is a good technique to make communication on network with friends as well as colleagues. But we are sometimes bothered by spamming, which we feel like ignoring due to spam messages (personal, relational and legal, etc.). And to stop receiving emails from the respective sender we tend to look for ways. At that time we tend to think as to “how to stop receiving emails from that person”.  Don’t worry and just relax, to avoid emails from a particular user all you have to do is block the sender ID on your Gmail following a few very simple steps.

How to Block Sender in Gmail?

Some online e-mail providers give the option to blacklist or block specific senders. In major cases it is easy-to-use a filter system for the purpose of blocking a sender in Gmail. You just have to provide an email address on which it creates a filter of deleting all messages from that particular sender automatically.

Steps to Create a Simple Blocking Filter:
  1. Build a filter to gain full control over messages.
  2. Log in to your Gmail account and Go to Settings>>Filters
  3. Click the "Create a New Filter" link from the bottom right of the page
  4. Provide  sender's email address in the “From” field
  5. Click the "Create filter with this search" link from the bottom left
  6. Now check the box for "Delete it".
  7. Also check the box for "Mark as read" (optional)
Note: If you are creating a filter following the above mentioned steps, then the entire messages will be deleted automatically that have been mailed by that sender.
Return Error Message To Block Gmail Senders:

If you are getting unnecessary emails from a particular email address, Gmail provides a way to block that sender's email with a return error message. This method will not exactly block, but it will prevent the message from reaching your inbox.

Gmail's system permits you to filter out uncertain emails. Instead of going all the way to your inbox and deleting email; messages from blocked users will move directly to your trash box. This way you never have to view them. Below is an easy step-by-step guide to explore the process of blocking sender in Gmail with a return delivery failed message.
  1. Go to Settings >> Labs >> Canned Response >> Enable
  2. After enabling canned response compose a message
  3. Use the "Canned Responses" drop-down menu and select "New canned response..."
  4. Give it a desired name.
  5. Write the message content as shown in the image below, and save the draft.

Note: You must provide your correct e-mail id in place of "" to go with the correct failure format. There is no trouble using your e-mail address, it’s merely a formality. Yet, if you are unable to provide your original email address then replace it with something like "*****". 

Create Actual Filter (Filtering Emails with Return Delivery Message)
  1. Log in to your Gmail account >> Go to Settings >>Filters
  2. Click the "Create a new filter" link
  3. Provide the sender's e-mail address in the from field
  4. Click the "Create filter with this search" link
  5. Check the box for "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)" [Optional]
  6. Check the box for "Apply the label" >> select one from the drop-down list [Optional]
  7. Check the box for "Send canned response" >> select one from the drop-down list
  8. Check the box for "Mark as read" [Optional]
Note: For now you cannot check the box to “delete it” because the system will not send a canned response (delivery failed message) for a deleted message. The optional steps are basically to keep these messages out of your Inbox by placing them in a label of your choice.
In this blog post I have discussed all possible ways to block a particular Gmail user. The discussed methods will help you in several situations. Yet, if you are facing any problem then you can feel free to contact me, and I will make sure that your problem gets solved. 


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