Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Know How to Block Sender in Yahoo Mail On iPhone

The blog is an attempt to reveal the process as how to block sender in Yahoo mail on iPhone. The modern day mobile phones like iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Android etc. that can be generalized in a common term named smart phones; not only facilitates users with calling and messaging amenities but also offers emailing service from almost all top class email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL and many more, anywhere and everywhere irrespective of the location as to where they are. This is because people carry their phones to all places wherever they visit. Users can link the most commonly used web mail addresses of the above foretold email services to their smart phone and can send and receive mail in the same way as they do on the web. 
Similarly, iPhone users can make a link to their iPhone’s mail app so as to read and compose emails to and from different id’s straight away from the smart phone. But as the famous saying goes that every coin has two sides one good and the other bad, same is the case when users link their email addresses with iPhone’s mail app. One drawback that Yahoo users on iPhone might usually face is that they get flooded with number of unwanted mails or spam from a specific sender. At such times it gets essential to block sender in Yahoo mail on iPhone.

Ways to Block Sender in Yahoo Mail on iPhone

This can be done in two ways; either by blocking the sender from the Yahoo Mail account or by blocking email address on iPhone.

1. Block Email Address on Yahoo Mail
Step 1: Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail Account by typing in the email ID and password at defined location as shown in red color in the figure below. 

Step 2: Click the gear icon located at the top right corner as shown in red rectangle in the image below and then click the tab ‘Settings’ (shown with red arrow mark) in the menu that appears.

Step 3: Then, another window called ‘Settings’ appears that has a tab named ‘Blocked Addresses’ as shown in the figure below. The button ‘Block Addresses’ should be clicked. 

Step 4: On doing so another window as shown below appears. In this window the email addresses that need to be blocked should be typed in at the space beside the tab ‘Add an Address’. Then the button ‘Block’ should be clicked and finally the ‘Save’ tab located at the bottom left corner should also be clicked. The tabs are shown in red rectangle and the blocked addresses are shown in the space provided below.
Note – It should be noted that a maximum of 500 email addresses on one account can be blocked. All messages received from the blocked sender’s gets immediately deleted and doesn’t bounce back as undeliverable.
Finally, in this way the mails from specific sender(s) can be blocked in Yahoo Mail.

2. Blocking Email Address on iPhone be it On Your Yahoo Account or Any Other
This can be divided in two segments that are addition of the email address to Contact List in the iPhone and then blocking the unwanted email ids.
Segment 1: Addition of Email Address to Contact List on iPhone
Step 1: Launch the iPhone’s Mail application and then tap the Mail app from iPhone’s home screen to open it.
Step 2: Open a message from a particular unwanted email address that is to be blocked. Once the Mail app is opened, tap the message that came from the specific id that is to be blocked.
Step 3: Then view the sender details and to do this tap the mail id displayed on ‘From’ field which is located at the top of the screen.
Step 4: Then create a new contact and tap on ‘Create New Contact’ which is located on the window showing sender details. On the following screen, a name for the contact to be blocked should be typed in.
Note - Before blocking an email address on an iPhone, the id should first be saved in the contact list or else it won’t be possible to block it. Therefore, a new contact should be created for the email id to be blocked.
Step 5: Then the email address should be added to the contact list. Then tap ‘OK’ at the bottom of the screen so as to add it to the contact list of iPhone.
Segment 2: Blocking the Email Address
Step 1: Go to settings of iPhone and select the ‘Phone’ option.
Step 2: This displays the settings of the phone like the respective phone number, voicemail and many others.
Step 3: From the list of options tap ‘Blocked’. Here, the contact details like phone number or email addresses can be added that is to be blocked on the phone.


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