Friday, 19 September 2014

How To Make A Gmail Account With A Custom Domain

Gmail is free emailing service provided by Google that allow users to sign in for free email account that ends with Gmail is latest, sync-capable, cost effective and easy to use service that offers huge amount of data storage capacity. But do you know Google also offers a service called Google Apps that helps you to create email account using their own custom domain name just like, instead of It looks similar as Gmail account but ends up with your domain name instead of during the sign in process. 

Now after purchasing the domain name, first thing you need to do is set up particular email address with custom domain name. Particularly due to free service of Gmail, users set up custom domain with it and enjoy irresistible features of Google Apps.

Why Gmail Is Choice For Organizing Your Emails:

There are many third party emails brands that can be used to maintain the email records, but using Gmail has its own advantages. It is only available for free but also has some tremendous features thatlets you work more conveniently.

  • Gmail offers more than 10GB free space to store email data long with attachments.
  • Gmail also eliminates the spam emails on its own using latest mechanisms, so user can enjoy the service of spam free emailing hesitation free.
  • Powerful search options in Gmail inbox lets you find related messages by just entering the few keywords related to particular message, which is most convenient way to find out single message from bulk email data.
  • Gmail has used HTTPS encryption to keep your mails data secure, which is also the main aspect of emails security. You don’t have to worry about emails security.

Benefits Of Using Gmail With A Custom Domain

  1. Using a custom domain name represents more professionalism than using Gmail account. Having domain name of your own name shows promoting your business instead of Gmail which is beneficial for your business too.
  2. Using Gmail with custom domain name users can log into multiple accounts at once, whereas using Gmail this is not possible. User can log into one Gmail account at a time using Gmail’s email account.
Now read this upcoming segment to know how to make a Gmail account with a custom domain in simple steps.
  • Visit to the Google Apps site and purchase the custom domain name for your setting Gmail account with domain. You can also use a 30 day free trial and if get satisfied, it cost around $4 to $5 per user, per month for 30 GB mailbox.Now click on ‘Get Started’ button and fill in you contact details to get cracking.Now windows will pop up a Google Apps dashboard for you click on ‘Start Set up’ and verify your domain name.
  • Click on ‘Next’ to proceed further.
  • Now select option ‘Use a domain name I have already purchased’ and enter the name you want to use and click on ‘Next’.
  • Now create your account and enter all the required information. Click on “Accept and Signup”.
  • After creating your account, start the verification process by clicking on “Start Setup” button.
  • Now click on “Verify Domain” button.
  • Now windows will pop up message asking for domain administration through S-Drive Dashboard, click on ‘No’ to proceed.
  • Choose ‘Other’ from the list and then begin the verification process by clicking ‘Begin verification’.
  • Now choose ‘Alternate methods’ tab and select ‘HTML file upload’ option and download the HTML verification file and save it into your system.
  • Upload the files saved by in your system drive and confirm, now click on ‘Verify’ button. You will be prompted with message that congratulations you have successfully verified you ownership, as shown below:

The final verdict includes settings Gmail MX records to your domain, Google has its own mail servers and switching MX records and one provided on their page depends on hosting service you use. MX records are DNS settings that are associated with your domain and helps to direct mail to the servers that hosts your mail accounts.
Note: DNS changes might take few hours to set up, therefore if you find emailing not in right way then give some time to transmit these settings into users accounts.


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