Saturday, 11 October 2014

Know How to Add Signature to Yahoo Mail Account

Usually users provide information regarding them at the end of an email that is identified as Email Signature.  Yes of-course, it’s true that a signature may be a valuable aspect of your communication. So, an email signature can be in the form of your full name, your contact information, your business name, a private notice, or even a saying that is related to you.

By providing your essential contact details with the signature, the receiver feels less uncertain about contacting your company. So, this way you can easily promote your brand globally.

What’s The Need to Add Signature In Yahoo Mail?

As we all know that adding same details again and again in the signature is a bit time consuming. It also irritates a user and makes them think about how to add a signature to a Yahoo mail account. So if you desire to send Yahoo emails with a common ending signature every time, then you can simply add a Yahoo Mail signature by following the few easy steps listed below.

Simple Steps to Insert a Signature in Yahoo Mail!

Step1: In the very first step, log on to your Yahoo Mail account using appropriate credentials.

Step2: Go to mail section by clicking on “Mail

Step3: Click on the "Gear" on the top right corner, next to your user name >> and choose "Settings”.

Step4: Now click on the "Writing Email" tab available under the Settings section.

Step5: Choose "Show a rich text signature" option from the dropdown list.

Enter a desired signature (text, hyperlinks, image, and contact details, etc.) in the empty box and click on Save to implement the settings.

Note: By following above listed steps you can add a signature to your Yahoo mail account. It will surely help you save a lot of precious time in writing the same signature details, again and again.


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