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Friday, 28 November 2014

Top 5 Methods to Take Backup of Hotmail Account

Hotmail is an online email service provided by Microsoft. It saves all your emails into a cloud server of Microsoft. So if a user wants to save same emails in his/her end, then he/she can take backup of hotmail account to hard drive. After  seeing the importance of email backup, most of the users start wondering a solution for how to take backup of hotmail account. So  five different methods  are discussed in this post that can be used by a user for backing up a hotmail account.

1). Use Outlook Express to Backup Hotmail Emails :-

If you are using Windows XP, Then you can back up your hotmail account with the pre-installed application Outlook Express. It is the email client, attached to the Windows XP package. So if you are using Windows XP then it may be the best solution to back up your Hotmail account is backup hotmail using outlook express.

Steps for How to Take Backup of Hotmail Account using Outlook Express:-

  • Login to your Hotmail account in the Outlook Express, by entering an email id and password
  • Wait until Outlook Express application download your mails
  • After completion of the downloading process, click on the File option from the menu bar and click on the New backup option or directly press Ctrl + N.
  • Now Enter the name that you want to give to your backup file.
  • Now select the location where you want to save your file and click Next.
  • Now click on the Selection of files and folders and select Outlook express.
  • You will see a complete list of items to be backed up. You can Uncheck any of items if you don’t want to back up and click on that next.
  • Now save the file.
Outlook Express saves your backup files into the .dbx format. And if want to use the backup into the MS outlook or Thunderbird you need to convert it into the corresponding format. So you can directly use MS outlook or thunderbird to backup hotmail account into desired format.

2) Backup Hotmail using Outlook:-

If you have MS outlook installed on your machine, then you can use it to back up your account directly into the .pst format.

Steps for how to Take Backup of Hotmail Account using MS Outlook:-

  • First, enter Email Id and password to the MS outlook application and configure your hotmail account properly
  • Now click on send/receive button and wait for a time until MS Outlook download your Emails
  • As the downloading process completes, you will get all your emails in a PST file
  • The default location of PST file is totally depending on Windows OS and MS Outlook editions
MS Outlook save the backup file into the PST format. If you want to use it into the thunderbird then you need to convert it into the mailbox format. The MBOX file format is supported by many of the email client. If you have thunderbird Email client you can directly use It to back up your emails into the .MBOX format. Thunderbird is the open source application you can download it from the internet.

3) Backup Hotmail using Thunderbird:-

Thunderbird is a free application and anyone can download the application if it is required from the internet. Thunderbird backup your emails into the .mbox  file format. The mbox file format is supported by most of the email client. So one of the best application to backup your account is by using the Thunderbird application.

Steps for How to Take Backup of Hotmail Account using Mozilla Thunderbird:-
  • Install Thunderbird on your computer and provide login details to configure Hotmail account.
  • Select the POP3 button and click on create account.
  • Wait until the process of downloading the email completes
  • Now you need to install free add-on Import Export tool in the Mozila thunderbird application
  • After installing the application will be available into the tool option, click on it and backup hotmail using thunderbird.

4) Backup Hotmail account using windows mail :-

If you are using Windows 7 you can use the window mail client to back up your emails. Window mail will save a  backup of your email in the EML format. EML format is also supported by many of the email clients.

Steps to Backup Hotmail Account using Windows Mail:-

  • Open windows mail and enter logging details
  • Now click on export mail and then click on email messages.
  • Now select the Microsoft windows live mail option and click on the next.
  • Now select the destination where you want to store the file
  • Click on Next Next and then finish

5) Use a Paid Tool to Backup your Emails:-

If you are not able to backup your emails using above suggested methods, then you can use a paid tool to backup your hotmail account. Paid tools are easy to use and creates a backup of the emails into desired format within a few clicks. There are many such applications and Hotmail backup software is one of the best tool that I have experienced for the same. A lot of useful features are available in this application that make tasks easier. Just download a free version copy of the tool to have a trial.


Solution  of how to take backup of hotmail account given above may be enough for the user to take backup of Hotmail account. In case if the user is finding any difficulty, please comment we will respond as soon as possible.