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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Yahoo Mail Spam Filter Not Working on PC, What Next

Yahoo Mail spam filter not working on computer system! If truth be told this is actually a very terrible situation. The reason being that in such a situation all the Spam emails escape from Spam Filter and gets dumped in Inbox along with the important emails. Moreover, when the spam emails are in bulk it indeed creates a more difficult situation as users find it tough to differentiate and then delete multiple spam mails from the Inbox folder in which the received emails are stored.
This might be due to quite a few reasons and therefore, this article aims at suggesting ways to filter out spam messages in the Spam folder only. And this can happen only when Spam filter of Yahoo Mail, an emailing service by the IT giant Yahoo works. Though it filters the suspected spam mails automatically on its own and moves them to the Spam folder instead of Inbox, sometimes the undesired email messages become successful in making their way through it.

Techniques to Stop Spam in Yahoo Mail Inbox Folder

Different techniques can obviously be applied for stopping or reducing spam when the condition is: Yahoo Mail spam filter not working on computer machines. The methods that can be brought in use to fight back spamming is described in this section and that is as below:
  • Tabs ‘Spam’ and ‘Not Spam should be made use of.
  • Email filters must be set up in the emailing service.
  • Suspected sender’s email addresses must be blocked.
  • Images must be restricted from being displayed in emails.
Method 1: By usage of ‘Spam’ option
Yahoo Mail works all round the clock to keep its users un-affected from spam emails but even though when Spam filter is not working as a result of which spam emails get collected in Inbox, users should report the same by marking the particular email(s) as Spam. On doing the reported spam email gets moved into the Spam folder instantly without delay. This gives experts at Yahoo a shield to battle against unsolicited email messages in future. Moreover, if it is further realized that the message(s) is not spam then by selecting the message and clicking on the option Not Spam, it can be transferred into the Inbox again as per requirement.
Steps Involved
  1. Select the checkbox located next to the email(s) that are spam.
  2. Then click Spam option.
Finally, in this way the mails get transferred to Spam folder.
Method 2: By applying filter rules in Full Featured Version
Filters can be setup by the users to direct incoming mails into respective folders. This is because by the help of rules, filters acquire the ability to sort out emails as per want of the user. Setup of about 200 filter options is possible in Yahoo Mail including the rule to select destination where the incoming mail must be saved e.g. Spam folder in this case, can be created. However, it is not possible to create filters in the Basic Mail interface of Yahoo Mail service. But the good thing is that filters created in the ‘Full featured’ release are active on the Basic Mail release. Therefore, the users of Basic Mail can migrate to the newer edition; create spam filter and then changeover back to older release. Moreover, when required the applied spamming rules can be erased as well.
Process to Apply Filter
At first the filters must be made accessible and for that the following steps get necessary.
  1. In the section Settings, the option Filters should be clicked upon.
  2. On doing so the Filters settings appear in Yahoo Mail.
Note - Thereafter, the filter should be created for which the below mentioned steps should be followed in the exact sequence as mentioned.
1) In the Filter screen click the option ‘Add’ and put in the name of the filter.
2) Then fill in the fields of filter such as given below:
  • Sender i.e. one who sent the mail
  • Recipient i.e. account’s own email id
  • Subject i.e. the text part within the subject of the received email
  • Body i.e. the text portion of email body
3) Either select a folder or create one to store the affected email messages and click the Save option.
4) Again, click Save to go back to emails.
Finally, in this way only the messages that match the set criteria shall get delivered directly to the selected folder.
Method 3: By blocking unwanted sender(s) Mail Ids
The other method to restrict the incoming spam messages in the Inbox folder is to block such addresses. By blocking the addresses users can avoid the unwanted mail messages from being received. In this way the situation of ‘Yahoo mail spam filter not working’ can be avoided and only the mails from wanted senders can be left unblocked. In Yahoo, a maximum of 500 email addresses can be blocked to avoid spam messages. Moreover, if required the blocked email id’s can be unblocked too. However, the prescribed steps should be followed to block/ unblock messages by specific sender(s).
Instructions for Blocking Email Id
  1. Log into Yahoo Mail account
  2. Click the ‘Settings’ icon.  
  3. Then select the settings tab.
  4. Thereafter, click on tab Blocked Addresses.
  5. Enter the mail id in ‘Add an address’ field.
  6. At last click the option Block which is the last step.
Finally, in this way the required email id from which chances of receiving spam mail exists gets blocked.
Method 4: By restricting images in incoming emails
Not displaying images in the incoming emails is also one of the successful methods to fight back spam. This is because blocking images prevents the affirmation ‘hits’ that spammers receive even if one of their images gets viewed by account holders of Yahoo Mail. Hence, for preventing images from being displayed some kind of image settings needs to put on. Moreover, on need the reverse can also be implied i.e. the restriction on images from getting displayed can be removed. The guidelines that should be followed to prevent images from getting presented are mentioned below in a stepwise manner. 

Directions for Preventing Images from Getting Displayed
  1. Open Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Go to Settings menu, a gear like icon.
  3. On bringing the mouse on the icon, number of tabs appears.
  4. Thereby, click on the Settings tab.
  5. Then click upon Security tab.
  6. Then from the drop-down menu ‘Show images in emails’ choose the option Never by Default or Always, except in Spam folder.
    Note – The former is indeed the safest option.
  7. At last, click the option Save.
Finally, in this way the image display settings can be changed to restrict ‘display of images’.

Useful Tips at a Glance for Avoiding Spam in Future
Yahoo Mail users should indeed follow some tricks to avoid the situation of: Yahoo Mail spam filter not working and they are as follows:
  • An unwanted email should never be responded to.
  • To stop unsolicited spam message(s) they should never be responded with the word remove, erase or any similar word.
  • Displaying email addresses at public places or online directories must be avoided.
  • Even the sites that assure to remove name from spam lists must not be signed int. This is because though there are few genuine sites, many of them are id collectors used by spammers for spamming purpose.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Mail Server Protocols Used in Outlook Express

A Server is a computer program which serves the request of other programs. It is a running instance of an application. It has the capability to accept requests from the client and give response. A server operates in a client server architecture. When a client gets connected to a server, they communicate through protocols. A protocol is a set of instructions to do a certain task. In email servers, four protocols are used. 

They are POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3), SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). Amongst a large number of different email clients, Outlook Express supports all the four protocols. Although, the above mentioned protocols perform a mail function each, but a slight difference can be noticed in their working.


Get Detailed Information About All Mail Servers

1) POP3 Server: It is used to retrieve mail from the server.  It stores email on the server until it is downloaded. The client server deletes the message once it is downloaded. A mail once downloaded will not be opened again on any other system. It provides security to our mail.  In Outlook Express this protocol is followed, but an additional option is provided to ‘leave a copy of the message on the server’. Mails of the POP3 server cannot be recovered easily as there is no copy of the mail on the server. If we need to recover a file from POP3 server, a software will be required to perform the task.

2) SMTP Server: SMTP is a connection oriented protocol. It is used to send emails through the server. It is purely based on ASCII text. It does not deal with the binary files or character. An SMTP transaction consists of 3 command or reply sequences; MAIL (mail), RCPT (recipient), and DATA (data).

3) IMAP Server: They are used to retrieve mail from the server. The mail is permanently stored on the server. Using IMAP server, we can access our mail from any interface. The security level for IMAP server gets a bit degraded as the mail gets permanently stored on the server. However, the brighter side of customizing the settings is that in case email gets corrupted, then we can recover it easily as a copy of it will always be present on the server. 

4) HTTP Server: The HTTP server does not use the undeleted or purge functions. Deleting a message moves the message to the deleted message folder and it can be retrieved from there. It can be retrieved by directly dragging it to the inbox or some other folder. The deleted items get deleted only after a definite or fixed time automatically, also known as the retention period of permanently deleted emails.