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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Alternatives to Save Gmail Email As PDF Without Outside Help

Earlier Gmail featured an option to save its email(s) as PDF files. PDF files as known are the best document type file introduced by Adobe and used by users worldwide. Meanwhile, Gmail is a webmail service with same user response. However, the only difference is, Gmail can only be accessed when there is an uninterrupted network connectivity available to access the webmail service. On the other hand, a PDF document type file can be accessed both online as well as locally on a machine equipped with a freeware reader. This post here discusses about a new alternative that was introduced for achieving the same requirement but in a different manner.

How To Save Gmail Email as PDF?

The option to save Gmail message as a document on Google was available with the previous versions. Meanwhile, despite its elimination an alternative can still be implemented in order to work out the issue.
Nevertheless, using the print option provided within Gmail itself, one can achieve the requirement of storing emails from Gmail as PDF type file. Below is the process, which can be followed out in order to save messages from Gmail as a portable type document:
  1. Log into your Gmail account and open the email you desire to save as a PDF.
  2. Click on the Print icon given on the top right side of the email.
  3. On clicking on the Print option, Gmail will open the message as a new web page of the browser.
  4. The window will open along with a print prompt popup. Click on Properties button.
  5. An ‘Adobe PDF Document Properties’ window will appear. Click on Adobe PDF Settings tab.
  6. Now click on the Browse button provided for Adobe PDF Output Folder option.
  7. Select a storage path of your choice to define the destination location for saving the PDF as per your convenience.
  8. Click on Ok to close Properties window
  9. Again, click on Ok on the Print window to close it.
  10. A window reporting the printing process will appear with the Title of the mail and Progress status.
  11. Once the process has completed, go to the defined destination path to find the PDF output generated.
  12. Open and view the file.
Another option for creating a PDF for every email that you want to save is by using the print option via Chrome browser. When Gmail is used via Google Chrome browser or via its official smartphone application, then there is a great chance of attaining variety of options to save emails as PDF.
  1. Once the login is made and desired email has been opened click on the Print option again.
  2. This time a Chrome browser being used the interface and options will be different.
  3. Click on Change to apply custom print settings. Either select a Local Destination or choose Google Cloud Print option to perform the storage.
  4. Saving the email as PDF will create a PDF at the defined location, as described in the above-mentioned procedure.
  5. On selecting Google Cloud Print option and saving to Google Drive one can access and download the mail as PDF anywhere due to its availability on Cloud.
The defined PDF generation procedures are beneficial and completely result oriented. However, the only difficulty with it is that only one email can be processed and converted at a time. If you are planning to transform your entire Gmail message storage to PDF format, then none of the described procedures may serve as anticipated. Nevertheless, the process is undoubtedly dependable and foolproof and can be availed by users to save Gmail email as PDF type file.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Resolved Error: Outlook Not Syncing With Gmail

Are you tried of finding issues in syncing your Gmail account with Outlook? Here, this blog will help you to troubleshoot with the issues.

The issues may vary accordingly. You might have configured the Gmail account with Outlook properly and it might have worked for few days. But, one day all of a sudden everything might have gone uncontrolled. You may find that, new emails received have not been synced with Outlook,emails are seen missing etc. Or sometimes from the day first itself, your account might not have properly synced.

The facility of synching web-based email client by Outlook has made the working with web mails easier. All the emails will be available on your Outlook with the same formatting; read or unread. Moreover, to an extent it allows to secure the emails from outages as well.However, if the sync is not properly carried out then, you won’t be able to work with the emails.

How come the account not synced properly?What are the issues behind the error: Outlook not syncing with Gmail?

Syncing Issues

The main issue of emails not synced with Outlook can be the improper configuration of the account. If your account is not properly synced with Outlook, you won’t be able to see the emails. Apart from this, there can even other reasons like;

  • The network connection might have failed during configuration
  • MS Outlook may have gone to Offline mode
  • The protocols used might not have been enabled properly
  • Issue in network at the time of synchronization

These are only some of the issues that lead to the synchronization loss. What can be done in according to bring back the emails to Outlook? How can the synchronization issues be solved?

How To Restore Synchronization Of Emails To Outlook

In the above paragraph, it is clearly mentioned the issues with the syncing. Some of the issues can be sort out by the user itself.

Before configuring your Gmail account with Outlook, see that the network connection is proper. Connectivity is essential during the configuration and Outlook should be in online mode; not offline. Apart from having a good network, user should know the correct configuration steps. Emails will get downloaded in Outlook only if the protocols are enabled.

During configuring;

  • Open Gmail Account
  • Go to the Settings>>Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Enable the Protocol using; either POP or IMAP
  • Check the ‘Enable’ radio button corresponding to the protocol

Note: Enabling IMAP is the good option than POP. If IMAP is enabled, it allows syncing the Gmail emails exact with the mark of read or unread. However, if POP is enabled, the chances of losing the messages are more.

Even after the configuration of the account with Outlook nothing works well then, grabbing the hands of third party can help you out.

Third Party Solution

SysTools Gmail Backup software from the team of software solutions can be used as an alternate to save Gmail to PST, which is a native file format of Outlook. The application provides the user to download all the emails located in Gmail server to PST file format. The tool has the provision to download all the mails including inbox, sent items, chats, spam folder etc. and permits the user to delete the emails from the server once when downloaded. Once when the emails are saved to PST file, user can later import the file to Outlook and work with the mails.

Friday, 13 November 2015

What To Do If Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Error Strikes?

Google offers around 15 GB storage limits, which is spread across Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail. In case your Google Account is through school or work, 30 GB will be provided. Google also offers more storage but it will cost you and hence many users prefer the 15 GB limit which comes without any cost. Most of these users will never realize that the storage limit is reaching its end and they will not be able to send or receive email further. As the email, usage for some users is very less and hence the storage limit will not exceed for them. However, for professional users, story can be different. Improper management and excessive usage of emailing can hit the 15 GB limit soon and can affect work progress as well. At this point, deletion can be a smart action but it will not solve your problem permanently.

What Exactly Happens When Gmail Storage Limit Is Reached?

Some users have concerns that whether the old emails are automatically deleted when this storage limit of 15 GB is reached. However, to their concern, Google does not do any of such things. It will just stop receiving any email further and will not let you send the emails from that specific ID. Since this 15 GB of storage is shared amongst all the services, Gmail account (emailing) will be affected because of over storage in the Drive and other services. Deletion from Google drive can help in this case. Previously 15 GB of storage sounded more than enough but now as other email services have offered terabytes of limits, and emailing has become more powerful this storage limit is reached soon. It is suggested to keep a check on the storage space used-up and left in order to maintain it. For this, you can follow the below mentioned steps;

  • Go to
  • In the bottom left, storage usage can be seen by hovering mouse over it.
  • A small window will pop-up showing complete details of your Google usage.
  • You can also visit to view the details.

Probable Reasons for Error Message

Sometimes despite of the availability of storage space, this error message is prompted. This means that if you get this “storage quota exceeded” message, it does not always mean that the storage limit has reached. First users have to check the storage limit and then decide what should be the next step. There are below mentioned probable reasons why this this message can be prompted and what does it means:
  1. The message can be prompted while forwarding email via or to another Gmail account, which has, its storage limit exceeded.
  2. In case, one of the filters is redirecting the email through full Gmail account.
  3. If you are using Google Apps account and for your domain, email account is full

How to Resolve This Storage Quota Error Issue?

  • Check you Gmail account if you have any forwarding going on through “Mail Settings” >> “Forwarding & POP/IMAP”. If you do and it is another account, check if that particular account has reached its quota.
  • Check under “Mail Settings” under >> “Filters” if any filter is set to send emails via some other account. If it is set so, check the storage quota limit.
  • Deletion can be another right action done on such erroneous Gmail account. You can log-in to the Gmail account and delete emails from Spam folder and Deleted Item (Trash) folder to delete them permanently. You can also delete emails, which are irrelevant, download attachments, and delete them (if unwanted). This can partially free some space from your Gmail account.
  • You can also delete some data from the Goggle Drive or Google Photos.
  • Configuration of Gmail account with desktop email client can be a suitable solution to maintain the storage limits.
  • One more solution for this situation can be a solution to export your Gmail data from Google's server. Such utilities are programmed to take backup of Gmail account emails, contacts, documents, and calendars and can free the storage from Gmail account.


Email storage limitation is applied to all the email applications and services. Moreover, users must keep checking the growing size of this storage in order to maintain the email data. Many email services provide Terabytes of storage and when compared to these email services, 15 GB seems to be very less. In order to increase/free this limited storage space, some extra efforts have to be taken by users. SysTools Gmail Data Backup utility tend to resolve this Gmail mail quota warning error by backing up email data to congruent file formats. Regular deletion of unwanted emails and heavy attachments can also be an effectual effort.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to View Google Takeout MBOX File

MBOX files, stands for Mailbox file formats that are used for storing a collection of email messages. All the messages that are stored in the file are concatenated and are stored in the form of plain text in a single file. The file also get created when you backup your Gmail through Google Takeout Service, it create MBOX File as a backup. In MBOX file The messages can be distinguished from each other by a line, which consists of “From” followed by a space. Moreover, each message is separated by a blank line. This file has been a popular format for storing email messages due to its plain text structure that can be easily processed by text processing tools.

This blog mainly reflects all the methods and ways by which a user can view Google Takeout MBOX files and in the email clients of which it is not the default file format.

MBOX File & Supported Email Clients

Email clients, which have MBOX file as their default file format, include Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, PocoMail, Eudora, Google Takeout etc. At times, a user needs to import a MBOX file from a different email client to a new one. In this section, we will enlist methods by which a MBOX file can be imported in different email clients manually, so that you can view Google Takeout file.

Importing MBOX File in Apple Mail to View Google Takeout

  1. Copy the required MBOX file in your Mac machine.
  2. Open Apple Mail.
  3. Click on File option and select Import mailboxes option from the drop down menu.
  4. Select File in mbox format option and proceed by clicking on Continue.
  5. Browse the MBOX file that has to be imported.
  6. Click on Done.

Importing MBOX File In Entourage to View Gmail Takeout MBOX File

  1. Copy the required MBOX file in your Mac machine.
  2. Open Entourage.
  3. Drag and drop the MBOX file(s) in the Entourage Inbox (in the Entourage folder list) or in any other folder you want.
  4. You will see a small triangle at the left of the Inbox. Click on it and you will find the newly imported MBOX file.
Freeware To Import MBOX Files In Other Email Clients?
In the previous section, we saw how the MBOX files can be imported in some email clients which support MBOX file. However, there exist many other email clients as well, which do not support MBOX file and in which in which a user might want to import his MBOX file in order to view the data residing within the file. In such cases, manual methods do not prove to be of any help.

Therefore, in such cases third party MBOX viewers can be deployed in order to open MBOX files. There are many freeware available in the market. Some of them are:

SysTools MBOX Viewer
SysTools MBOX Viewer is a freeware that allows the users to open, view and organize Google Takeout MBOX file emails. This tool allows viewing all the embedded attachments along with their emails.

Windows MBOX Viewer
This is yet another utility that gives users access to their MBOX files of Google Takeout. Large size MBOX files such as Mozilla Thunderbird archives can also be viewed with this utility.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Yahoo Email Quota Exceeded! What To Do Next?

Storage limit is one of the important parameter based on which users opt for the emailing service. It is important to have large storage limit so that the limit does not run out after few years of usage. It completely depends on the type of account which to be configured with and usage. Yahoo Mail comes with exceptional features and is part of millions of users across the globe for emailing. Earlier it provided unlimited email storage space but for now, it has been restricted to 1 TB. This restriction has raised a concern where there are chances to have Yahoo Email quota exceeded. This blog discusses about apprehensions for such lack of email storage in Yahoo Mail account and important steps to be taken afterwards.

How to Know How Much Email Storage Space Is Left?

Before getting worried, it is better to know if your Yahoo Mail account is running out if email storage space. Let us first know the total space available for account. Yahoo Mail service was launched with provision of 4 MB space which was soon increased to 100 MB. Later on this space was again increased to 1 GB and soon it was completely free for Yahoo users. The free Yahoo accounts came with unlimited storage space, which was the foremost advantage of this email service. Finally as per the recent availability, the storage space is restricted again to 1 TB. For a personal account, this storage limit is more than enough. However, a professional account can have different story. Professional email account can have millions of emails and heavy attachments embedded with emails. Professional accounts also have important emails in it and no user will risk coming across such situation where the Yahoo email quota is exceeded and user is unable to access the account anymore.

So how to know the email storage space left for your account? You can follow the below mentioned steps to know the space available:

  • Log in into your Yahoo Mail email account.
  • Go to Settings icon available in the right-most corner.
  • Click on this icon and then select Settings from the explored options.
  • From the available options, choose Accounts to view the details.
  • In the left pane, you will be able to see the total space and used space.

Limits for Yahoo Mail Account Storage Size Is Approaching

If the size of the email storage is about to end soon, it is important to free up some space. For this, users can perform various strategies. Some of the workaround are mentioned below which can help in such situations where users have reached the email storage limits.

Method 1: Delete the Unwanted Emails

Not all emails residing in the email accounts are important. For unofficial emails, the unwanted emails can be deleted and the space for those emails can be freed. Users can select these unwanted messages and delete them permanently in order to free up the space for new message.

Method 2: Backing Up Yahoo Account

Backup of Yahoo Mail emails can instantly give you relief from issues with email storage limitation. Users can either manually copy down the emails to PDFs or Word files or can configure Yahoo accounts with desktop email clients in order to save the emails locally. However, Yahoo imposes restrictions for free-accounts in some regions, so this configuration is available for restricted users only.


Since there is limitation to email server storage space, it is important to always keep a check on growing size of emails. Yahoo account users for personal accounts will find 1 TB enough but users who are using it for professional purpose can end up reaching the limit soon. There are also some external utilities, which can help in the backing up process of emails like Yahoo email Backup software. This tool also has an optional functionality of “Delete after Download” which allows the deletion of emails after backing up the emails from Yahoo Mail account. In this way, users can choose appropriate steps and avoid getting Yahoo Email quota exceeded.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Introduction to Yahoo SMTP Error Codes

Yahoo® is the American multinational company that offers facilities like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo News, etc.Yahoo Mail is the free email service provided by Yahoo and is the third largest in the world. Yahoo mail offers 1TB of storage and free access of IMAP and SMTP servers.The chance of getting an error is a part of our daily life. Similarly getting stuck with errors in Yahoo Mail is also a common scenario.
Errors and Error Codes
When Yahoo Mail is met with some error it will prompt with error code, hexadecimal value and sometimes an error message also. The error code contains some hidden information in it. Error with 4xxx format indicates a temporary problem and 5xxx indicates a permanent problem. The hex value displayed is the reference to memory location where the error occurred. The error message gives a brief description about the error.
Yahoo SMTP Error Codes
Yahoo Mail uses SMTP for sending the mails and you may come across situations where SMTP re-bounces the mails back. The re-bouncing of mails prompts the error messages also. The error messages are denoted by the Error Codes 421, 553, 554, etc. SMTP error can be classified to 4xxx and 5xxx according to the severity level of the causes.Let’s see the SMTP Yahoo Errors in detail.
Causes of SMTP Errors
The SMTP error in Yahoo Mail mainly occurs due to network traffic and other policies in the network. Some of the possible reasons of the bouncing of mail can be as follows:
  • Traffic on the network so that the mails cannot be send over the network
  • Error in email address or address that does not exist in the server.
  • Contents in the message or header of the mailsmay filter out your mails as illegal mails.
  • Unable to verify the legitimate sender can cause SMTP error.
  • Failed to verify the authenticity using DKIM key of the mail.
  • Mail server is busy to attempt your connection.
  • Your IP address may be marked to spamhaus list.
  • Attempting to send high volume of contents through bulk mailing that exceeds the permitted limit.

Fixing SMTP error in Yahoo Mail

It is very hard to fix the SMTP Errors. Sometimes it takes hours of waiting to send an email due to traffic on the network. The first and foremost method is to resend the mails after waiting for an hour. Some of the other tips to overcome SMTP Errors are
  • Check validity of email address; whether it is spelled correctly.
  • Make sure that the message contains only acceptable contents only as per the yahoo policy.
  • Check whether the email header is forged by someone else so that your mail appears as a fake mail.
  • If the IP address and the SMTP server are added to blacklisted category thentake appropriate measures.
  • Make sure that Trojans or any built in spam engine are not working behind the black listing activities
  • Manage the bulk sending of the emails from the account to the standard acceptable by Yahoo mail.
  • Review the outgoing mails by IP, URL, Domain, Sender, DKIM, etc. for its reputation.
SMTP errors can be fixed using any of the above described tips. If none of the above tips helps you to handle the situation the best solution is to contact the mail server administrator for fixing the SMTP Error.

Alternative Solution: If all above solution not working, you could go for Yahoo Mail Data Recovery defiantly it will help you because it provide Email back up on your local system

Friday, 24 July 2015

How to Recover Deleted Mail from Hotmail Account

Emails have become most important component for communication of professional as well as personal life. In any particular organization, users are connected through channels so that information can be exchanged without any problems. Hotmail is one of thepopular web-browser based emailing applications. It facilitates users for accessing emails and managing it in an organized manner. Hotmail has several extraordinary features assigned with it and users can take benefit of these facilities. This blog will discuss about its tendency to regain the deleted mail items and will let you know how to recover deleted mail from Hotmail account.

Steps to Recover Deleted Emails

Let us first delete a random email from the Hotmail account which is now known as As soon as we delete any email, from the Inbox or any other folder it can be brought back to the folder using Undo option.

This Undo option is available on main menu tab in the top-right extreme. If you have deleted the email item recently, you can click this Undo option and the email message will be un-deleted and will come back to same folder from where it was deleted.

If you have deleted the email item long time ago, you can find the email in Deleted item folder

Select the email which you want to restore to the original folder and click on Move to option. You can then click on the folder name to which you want to move this deleted item.

If the emails are not listed here, you can click on “recover deleted messages” message which appears below in the Deleted item folder section. The message will appear like below mentioned image. The possible email items will be brought back by the Hotmail application.

Lost a message?When you recover deleted message, we bring back as many as we can.Learn more

If the emails are not recoverable, then a message like below will be displayed which infers that the emails have been lost permanently and cannot be recovered.

Sorry, we've tried our best,but unfortunately there are no mails to recover. Learn more

Hotmail email application is capable to recover the deleted emails, but this facility can be utilized only if the retention period is not over. This application is capable to recover the deleted items before a pre-defined retention period of time. In case this retention period is over, the emails cannot be recovered afterwards. This can be troublesome if users want to recover the items which were deleted long time ago.

Solution Recommended to Avoid Email Data Loss

The emails which are deleted before the retention period cannot be recovered. If users want to make sure that all the emails are saved securely and can be accessed without any fear of accidental deletion or data loss, they can take an additional precautionary step. This step is creation of local backup of Hotmail emails. One can use commercial software like Hotmail Backup solution to perform this local back in various email file formats like; PST, MSG, EML, or MBOX. Once you have backed up the emails, you will have a safe backup of all the emails saved on your system. These emails can be accessed anytime and users need not to worry about email deletion or loss.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fix the Error 550: “No such user here” in Google Apps

Google Apps is a collaborative tool for could computing and it includes various applications from Google like Gmail, calendars, docs, Drives,Hangouts, single suite. Google Apps email services is popular choice all around the globe and while using it, you may come across error when you send emails to/ from Google Apps. The most commonly found error is Error 550. This error code may prompt with several messages like:

  • The email account you tried to reach doesn’t exist
  • Mail relay denied
  • Unrecognized authentication type

Reasons Behind the Error

There can be several reasons behind the occurrence of the error. The main reason can be because the server may not be able to find username or the username is inaccessible to server. The main reason for this accessibility can be:

  • Unreadable or Incorrect Mail file permissions creates inaccessibility
  • Incorrect format or spelling of email address
  • Wrong information in MX records so that it points to some other server.
  • Improper routing of emails to local or remote domains can happen.

Advisable solutions

Before going through the below mentioned solution please make sure that the email address is spelled correctly.

  1. The first and foremost reason can be incorrect or missing DNS records. So check the DNS first by updating MX Record/ SPF or Run DNS validation
    • Running dnsvalidationlist out all the configuration issues related to the Google Apps.
    • For updating MX Recordslogin to the account and go to app settings and then add MX records.
    • Updating SPF Records allows you to define which mail servers are allowed to send emails on behalf of the domain.
  2. Make sure that your emails are not marked as spam/ junk mails. DKIM protocols can be used to authenticate your emails from spam mails.

You can perform any of the above mentioned tips to fix your error while emailing with Google Apps. Always make sure that the email address is spelled correctly and go for the updating of your MX or SPF records.

Recommendation: If you are facing above type of problem continuously, you can take backup your Google Apps data from Google Apps Backup Tool

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How to Get Chat History from Gmail Account

Most of the people want to get chat history from their Gmail account. It’s very easy to get Gmail chat history for this only you need to follow some steps:

Step 1. Login your Gmail Account

Step 2. See left panel and scroll down on the Gmail Homepage.

Step 3. Click on “Chats” now you can see your Gmail chat history 

If you want to get backup our chat history, emails, messages and contacts on your then go for Gmail Backup Tool which provide easy solution to Backup

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Steps to Recover Deleted Email from Trash

Most of the user by mistake deleted their email messages after that they worry about their important email messages recovery don’t worry about Gmail recovery.

If you have deleted your email messages from your Gmail inbox you can recover your deleted email message from Trash, follow given below steps to put it back in your inbox:

Step 1. Sign in you Gmail Account

Step 2. Click on Trash option which is showing left side of Gmail

Step 3. Search deleted email message in Trash

Step 4. If user wants to move their email messages back in inbox, Go to Move option and click on inbox

Step5. Now you can check your recover email messages in  Inbox

If you have deleted email messages permanently, from your Trash and Spam, you won’t be able to restore your deleted Gmail emails after 30 days,  so for your convenient take Gmail Backup from Gmail Backup Tool to continuously emails Backup on your local system

Thursday, 2 July 2015

How to Get Backup Your Gmail in Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is a web mail service. It is used to sending and receiving email files folder etc, just like similar to Gmail web service but so many people want to transfer their emails in Zoho Web Mail service. Now Problem comes how to get backup Gmail in Zoho Mail. This is very good questioning how to get backup Gmail detail in Zoho Mail, and it may quiet of mind to Gmail users.

Steps to backup Gmail in Zoho Mail
Configure your Gmail account and send a copy of all emails and  you receive it in Zoho mail account for this process you have to login your account and Go to Setting option -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab->Add a Forwarding Address and fill Zoho mail email address. Click on the Save Changes button. You should start receiving a copy of all mails to your Gmail account in Zoho Mail now.

Now you could create filter option in your Zoho mail account to receive email from Gmail in separate folder. And you can also add sender email address. 

Login to your Zoho Mail account, click on Settings -> Mail Accounts -> Add Mail Account and fill your Gmail account details. And save it

Click on Back button, you can see your Gmail account listed at the top left.

Now Zoho mail will Stat to receiving a copy of mails from your Gmail account

Monday, 1 June 2015

Backup your Android SMS, MMS, and phone logs to Gmail

When you buy a new Android phone, Android phone offer good facility to transfer your mail contact and application. But when people thought how to migrate android data to Gmail account like: Call log, SMS and MMS it is very difficult for them. But this is very simple to move all these to your Gmail. You need to follow few things order to this application:
  • First of all go on play store Application and click on it.

Type “Backup Message & Call to Email” in Play Store search bar.

Install it in your phone

When installation has been done click on this Application.

Now click on Go button and select account option connect your Gmail Account  in which you want to transfer data

Select which you want to migrate like: Call log, SMS and MMS

Now click on Back up button it will show Back up process

Now login your Gmail Account and you could check transferred data

Your all call history like Received calls, Missed calls and Dialled calls will show in Call folder and your SMS, MMS will show in Message folder.

If you are thinking of a cheap and simple way to migrate android data to Gmail Account from your phone get the application “Backup Message & Call” on your Android phone. With the app you can email desired data from your Smartphone without putting in manual efforts from your end which makes it the best option. Moreover, the app is free of cost which makes it all the more special and convenient.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Turn On/Off Two-step Verification on Hotmail

  • For more security reason turn on two step verification setting in your Hotmail account. First of all login your Microsoft account fill your right credential.

  • If you don’t want to fill code which you have received on your alternative email address, select check box and click on Submit button

  • Now Unlink all Microsoft account that you have linked with your Microsoft account which you want to turn on two-step verification for. 

  • Go to the Microsoft Account  Webage
  • Now click on Step up two-step Verification tab

  • Click on Next button

  •  Use your alternative email address to receive verification code

  • Fill verification code which you have received on your alternative E-mail Address

  • Select Phone Number to receive code, select Location, Text Radio button and click on Next button

  • If you are using Windows phone then update your news app password and click on Next button.

Now click on Finish button

  • Your two step verification has been turn on for your Microsoft account. Click on Done button

To Turn Off “Two-step verification” follow same process
Login your Microsoft Account and (See screenshot below) 

  • Click on Turn off two-step verification.