Thursday, 1 January 2015

Yahoo Mail Unable to Process Request at this Time Error 999

When Yahoo mail fails to process the specified request and returns error message 999; the access to the mailbox data gets blocked for restricted time interval. The corresponding error code appears similar to the following mentioned statement:
“Unable to process request at this time- error 999”

This occurs when something unexpected occurred and as a consequence the expected output is not returned by the Yahoo Server.

Reasons that Contributes towards Error 999

Although, the accurate reasons for this shortcoming of the mail server cannot be predicted but assumption is that this might occurs due to unreliable internet connectivity. There might be some bandwidth limitations’ issue exists that leads to the occurrence of this error message. There are two main reasons behind the existing cause and these are: 

1). Yahoo server might attempt to prevent Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

2). Hundred of requests are received per second by the Server.

3). Attempt to prevent Server jam-packed or chocking situations

Avoid Yahoo Mail Error Code 999- Common Methods

The error message Yahoo mail unable to process request at this time-error 999 can be resolved by considering some very common work around methods:
  • Try accessing Yahoo account every 5 minutes to stop the automated tasks to hammer Yahoo Server during peak hours and when there is major workload.
  • If there are numerous requests originates in a specified course of time; try to divide the request in proportionate time intervals as this will help prevent traffic on Yahoo Server. 

Technical Ways to Get Rid of Error Message

Yahoo records the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address to track the traffic travelling towards Server. Apart from the above mentioned workaround methods, try technical procedures that are summed up herein. It is also been elaborated that how these workaround methods helps resolving the persisting error message and up to what extent.

Resolution#1: While using proxy server, try to turn it ‘Off’ and then turn ‘On’.

This method is much practical and helps resolving error “Yahoo mail unable to process request at this time error 999”. As Yahoo notifies IP address to track the traffic coming up from the specified address, switching off the proxy server would help generating and using new IP address on next log-in for accessing Yahoo mailbox.

Resolution#2: While using ‘Dial-up-modem’ disconnect from Internet for a short while and then re-connect.

Likewise turning off the proxy Server, this workaround resolution also works as the dynamic IP address gets generated on each login instance.

Resolution#3: Access Yahoo mailbox via this URL:

This is an excellent resolution method as “” is a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and is a secure way to access Yahoo data. Though it offers access to very limited services but Yahoo email messages can be accessed via this URL.

Resolution#4: Log in to Yahoo by switch on to different country’s Server.

This is not much prescribed method as practicing this leads to occurrence of further error message that denotes: “Unfortunately, there is a server problem preventing access to this page. We are working on this problem, and functionality will be restored as soon as possible. Please try again in 10 minutes”

Resolution#5: Clear browser’s cookies and temporary files (cache).

This workaround method sometimes fails as Yahoo does not depend upon Cookies to retain information about the blocked users. Therefore, there is very low chances exists that deleting browser’s history would help resolving Error-999.

Resolution#6: Double click on the ‘Sign-in’ button to access account.

This does not help much in resolving Yahoo mail error code 999 as the theory existing behind this method is not much practical.

Resolution#7: Switch on to different browser other than the regular one.

Switching on to different browser is an excellent option as there might be some cookies issue that interrupts access to Yahoo mailbox. This can be practiced if the similar error issue persists as there is not much difference accessing emails from within Internet Explorer or other alternative browsers such as Firefox or Chrome; other than settings.

Resolution#8: Configure Yahoo account to MS Outlook or other web based email applications.

Yahoo Mail Premium Services can be used to access the mailbox email messages along with other components in POP3 applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Outlook Express, etc.
Error 999 occurs as a consequence of pirated Internet Protocol address. Yahoo intentionally blocks the IP addresses when an extreme volume of upcoming requests are recorded by the Server.


In simple words, it can be calculated that if large amount of requests are being noticed from specific IP address or the proxy Server, Yahoo simply blocks it. Thereafter, the above mentioned workaround methods can be used to rectify Yahoo Mail Error 999 message.

Negative Approach Related to Error Code 999:

There is a negative perspective associated with this approach as the original owner of the specified IP address also gets blocked whenever an IP address is barred from the Yahoo services. In common cases, majority of pirated IP’s belongs to home-based users or the business set-ups.

Positive Aspect Associated with Error Code 999:

The positive aspect is that if a user is banned from a single Yahoo services such as Yahoo Mail, it can still access other alternate services being offered by Yahoo. 


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