Thursday, 1 January 2015

How to archive all emails in Gmail inbox

The Gmail email application is a widespread used email application, but at some places it puts a limit. Storage is one amongst such limitations which is only of 15 GB for Gmail account per person. A normal user may find it enough, but users availing other benefits like Google Drive, Google Plus photos, along with the Gmail emailing might find 15 GB less and restrictive. Heavy attachments and myriad of emails use maximum space which ultimately results into situation where users run out of space of a Gmail account. 

In such situations archiving the old emails is best available options. But the question arises, “how to archive all emails in Gmail Inbox? This blog explains about a swift and safe method to perform the archiving to solve your quests.

Fortunately, Google has integrated Gmail with an in-built option of archiving and hence it will not be difficult to archive the INBOX. If you want to perform selective archiving then you can search those emails (according to same subject or sender) and then select these emails for archiving. If you want to archive all emails in Gmail Inbox then you can follow the below mentioned steps directly without using searching function.

Steps To Follow For Gmail Archiving

Step 1: Log on to Gmail account and click on Inbox as you need to archive emails belonging to Inbox. As you click Inbox, emails belonging to only Inbox will appear in the list.

Step 2: Perform the selection by checking the arrow in main menu tab. Remember that selecting this option will only select first 50 emails. In order to select all emails option is available as Select All Conversation in Primary. This will select all the emails available in the Inbox.
Step 3: Once all the emails are selected, click on the Archive option available beside the selection option. This will automatically archive all the emails.

How to Find Archived Email Messages?

The archived emails can be easily found using search option or by looking into All Mail view. In case anyone mails you the same thread of Inbox email, it will appear in Inbox again to indicate the new mail. Searching will be more convenient to view archived emails. In case you want to move the archived message back to Inbox, you can perform it also by following below mentioned steps: -

  1.          First search and find the appropriate message.
  2.          Open the email or you can also select the checkbox available next to it.
  3.          Now, click the option of “Move to Inbox” button in toolbar.


In this way one can easily archive the Gmail Inbox emails and clear out the Inbox for fresh emails to store. This blog lets you know how to archive all emails in Gmail Inbox with stepwise clarification. It also explains some to move back the archived data to Inbox. Thus, users can perform the archiving very easily without taking any wrong step.


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