Thursday, 19 February 2015

12 Steps to Receive Yahoo mail in Gmail

While accessing Yahoo emails I got several ads which made my inbox look clumsy & un-tidy. It seems easy to access mail in Gmail as compare to Yahoo. For me Gmail edges out Yahoo because of the advanced security features provided like spam blocking. Likewise, I faced various issues while accessing my emails on Yahoo server due to which I decided to delete my Yahoo account. But suddenly I was reminded that in it I have important mails. Now my requirement was to switch Yahoo mail to Gmail, so that all my Yahoo mail gets forwarded on Gmail Account. Let’s see, how I accessed Yahoo mail from Gmail.

5 Reasons to switch your Yahoo account to Gmail

  • Support free access to email clients for Gmail, While in Yahoo: POP3, SSL/TSL, SMTP are restricted & you need to upgrade to its Yahoo Plus service for the same.
  • Gmail has better facilities to block spams as compared to Yahoo and Yahoo receives too much spam including IM spam.
  • Gmail includes text only version of ads in mailbox, while Yahoo includes ads in image form on its interface as well as in mailboxes due to which mailbox looks clumsy and interrupted.
  • Domain name customization is possible in Gmail through Google Apps.
  • Search & Filter feature of Gmail is better than Yahoo.

Steps to switch Yahoo account in Gmail

The very first pre-requisite you need to fulfill for accessing Yahoo mails in Gmail is, to have POP3 access in Yahoo. But this feature is accessible for Yahoo Plus users only. But don’t worry follow some tricks without upgrading to Yahoo plus or even no need to install YPOPs! for same.

Step1: Signin to Yahoo account

Step2: Now open your Yahoo inbox and select the display name on top left. Select Account Info from the drop down box under your display name.

Step3: In the Account Info page, click on 'Set language, site, and time zone' under Account settings and set your Regional Site and language. Now, save your settings.

Step4: Close your browser & again signin to your Yahoo account

Step5: Login to Your Gmail Account

Step6: Select the Gear Icon & then select “Settings” option from drop down:

Step7: Select the tab for “Account and Import” and choose the option “Add a POP3 mail account that you own” by clicking on it.

Step8: A pop up window in which you need to fill your Yahoo account. Click the “Next Step” button.
NOTE: There is a limitation for adding other account. You can add 5 accounts to your Gmail account.

Step9: In other pop up window you need to fill your password of the respective Yahoo account. By default the with port number 995 is selected. Moreover, you can leave a copy of retrieved mail on Yahoo mail server. Click on Add Account:

Note: You can also set up a filter to move the messages to a label. Also If the messages from your other account in the inbox of Gmail messages are not required to view, the select the “Archive incoming messages (Skip the inbox)” check box to avoid the inbox and archive the messages. You can also set up a filter to move the messages to a label.

Step10: Verification pop up window help you to confirm the configuration of Yahoo mail to Gmail

Step11: The Gmail Server is checking the status from Yahoo mail server for fetching emails:

Step12: After checking the status you can view the status of emails fetched from your Yahoo account to Gmail:

All done, see how easy it is to access your yahoo emails on Gmail account.

Now you can verify that if email from Yahoo server is coming to your inbox or not by checking your inbox:


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