Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tips to fixed Gmail Temporary (502) Error

If you are facing problem with Gmail Temporary (502) Error message at the time of login your Gmail account that time you are getting a message that your mail is temporarily unavailable. Generally  this type of error resolve themselves within a few minutes so please wait for some time and try to login again .

If continuously occurring this type of problem over an extended period of time, then you should know what is he problem behind that here I am explaining what type of problem could be occur, some of the common issue are:

  •  May be server received  invalid reques
  •  Server is  encountering high load
  • May be multiple request at a time from the same browser sometimes could be trigger this problem
(But not sure above these)

Tips how to fix Gmail Temporary (502) Error :
  • First of all Sign in your Gmail Account and fill your right credential like : User Name & Password
  • Go to on Gear Box and choose setting

  • Got to “Lab” tab under the setting and search “Background Send” in search bar for this process takes help from below image

  • Now disable lab features

If you have applied all above these steps and still problem didn’t solve. Go for second option like:
  •   Update your web browser
  • Clear browser cache and cookie from your browser. Shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Delete to select  cache and cookie see below image for Google Chrome 

  •  Now close open browser and restart your browser
If still you are facing same problem, you should call to Gmail support center



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