Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Turn On/Off Two-step Verification on Hotmail

  • For more security reason turn on two step verification setting in your Hotmail account. First of all login your Microsoft account fill your right credential.

  • If you don’t want to fill code which you have received on your alternative email address, select check box and click on Submit button

  • Now Unlink all Microsoft account that you have linked with your Microsoft account which you want to turn on two-step verification for. 

  • Go to the Microsoft Account  Webage
  • Now click on Step up two-step Verification tab

  • Click on Next button

  •  Use your alternative email address to receive verification code

  • Fill verification code which you have received on your alternative E-mail Address

  • Select Phone Number to receive code, select Location, Text Radio button and click on Next button

  • If you are using Windows phone then update your news app password and click on Next button.

Now click on Finish button

  • Your two step verification has been turn on for your Microsoft account. Click on Done button

To Turn Off “Two-step verification” follow same process
Login your Microsoft Account and (See screenshot below) 

  • Click on Turn off two-step verification. 


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