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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Introduction to Yahoo SMTP Error Codes

Yahoo® is the American multinational company that offers facilities like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo News, etc.Yahoo Mail is the free email service provided by Yahoo and is the third largest in the world. Yahoo mail offers 1TB of storage and free access of IMAP and SMTP servers.The chance of getting an error is a part of our daily life. Similarly getting stuck with errors in Yahoo Mail is also a common scenario.
Errors and Error Codes
When Yahoo Mail is met with some error it will prompt with error code, hexadecimal value and sometimes an error message also. The error code contains some hidden information in it. Error with 4xxx format indicates a temporary problem and 5xxx indicates a permanent problem. The hex value displayed is the reference to memory location where the error occurred. The error message gives a brief description about the error.
Yahoo SMTP Error Codes
Yahoo Mail uses SMTP for sending the mails and you may come across situations where SMTP re-bounces the mails back. The re-bouncing of mails prompts the error messages also. The error messages are denoted by the Error Codes 421, 553, 554, etc. SMTP error can be classified to 4xxx and 5xxx according to the severity level of the causes.Let’s see the SMTP Yahoo Errors in detail.
Causes of SMTP Errors
The SMTP error in Yahoo Mail mainly occurs due to network traffic and other policies in the network. Some of the possible reasons of the bouncing of mail can be as follows:
  • Traffic on the network so that the mails cannot be send over the network
  • Error in email address or address that does not exist in the server.
  • Contents in the message or header of the mailsmay filter out your mails as illegal mails.
  • Unable to verify the legitimate sender can cause SMTP error.
  • Failed to verify the authenticity using DKIM key of the mail.
  • Mail server is busy to attempt your connection.
  • Your IP address may be marked to spamhaus list.
  • Attempting to send high volume of contents through bulk mailing that exceeds the permitted limit.

Fixing SMTP error in Yahoo Mail

It is very hard to fix the SMTP Errors. Sometimes it takes hours of waiting to send an email due to traffic on the network. The first and foremost method is to resend the mails after waiting for an hour. Some of the other tips to overcome SMTP Errors are
  • Check validity of email address; whether it is spelled correctly.
  • Make sure that the message contains only acceptable contents only as per the yahoo policy.
  • Check whether the email header is forged by someone else so that your mail appears as a fake mail.
  • If the IP address and the SMTP server are added to blacklisted category thentake appropriate measures.
  • Make sure that Trojans or any built in spam engine are not working behind the black listing activities
  • Manage the bulk sending of the emails from the account to the standard acceptable by Yahoo mail.
  • Review the outgoing mails by IP, URL, Domain, Sender, DKIM, etc. for its reputation.
SMTP errors can be fixed using any of the above described tips. If none of the above tips helps you to handle the situation the best solution is to contact the mail server administrator for fixing the SMTP Error.

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Friday, 24 July 2015

How to Recover Deleted Mail from Hotmail Account

Emails have become most important component for communication of professional as well as personal life. In any particular organization, users are connected through channels so that information can be exchanged without any problems. Hotmail is one of thepopular web-browser based emailing applications. It facilitates users for accessing emails and managing it in an organized manner. Hotmail has several extraordinary features assigned with it and users can take benefit of these facilities. This blog will discuss about its tendency to regain the deleted mail items and will let you know how to recover deleted mail from Hotmail account.

Steps to Recover Deleted Emails

Let us first delete a random email from the Hotmail account which is now known as As soon as we delete any email, from the Inbox or any other folder it can be brought back to the folder using Undo option.

This Undo option is available on main menu tab in the top-right extreme. If you have deleted the email item recently, you can click this Undo option and the email message will be un-deleted and will come back to same folder from where it was deleted.

If you have deleted the email item long time ago, you can find the email in Deleted item folder

Select the email which you want to restore to the original folder and click on Move to option. You can then click on the folder name to which you want to move this deleted item.

If the emails are not listed here, you can click on “recover deleted messages” message which appears below in the Deleted item folder section. The message will appear like below mentioned image. The possible email items will be brought back by the Hotmail application.

Lost a message?When you recover deleted message, we bring back as many as we can.Learn more

If the emails are not recoverable, then a message like below will be displayed which infers that the emails have been lost permanently and cannot be recovered.

Sorry, we've tried our best,but unfortunately there are no mails to recover. Learn more

Hotmail email application is capable to recover the deleted emails, but this facility can be utilized only if the retention period is not over. This application is capable to recover the deleted items before a pre-defined retention period of time. In case this retention period is over, the emails cannot be recovered afterwards. This can be troublesome if users want to recover the items which were deleted long time ago.

Solution Recommended to Avoid Email Data Loss

The emails which are deleted before the retention period cannot be recovered. If users want to make sure that all the emails are saved securely and can be accessed without any fear of accidental deletion or data loss, they can take an additional precautionary step. This step is creation of local backup of Hotmail emails. One can use commercial software like Hotmail Backup solution to perform this local back in various email file formats like; PST, MSG, EML, or MBOX. Once you have backed up the emails, you will have a safe backup of all the emails saved on your system. These emails can be accessed anytime and users need not to worry about email deletion or loss.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fix the Error 550: “No such user here” in Google Apps

Google Apps is a collaborative tool for could computing and it includes various applications from Google like Gmail, calendars, docs, Drives,Hangouts, single suite. Google Apps email services is popular choice all around the globe and while using it, you may come across error when you send emails to/ from Google Apps. The most commonly found error is Error 550. This error code may prompt with several messages like:

  • The email account you tried to reach doesn’t exist
  • Mail relay denied
  • Unrecognized authentication type

Reasons Behind the Error

There can be several reasons behind the occurrence of the error. The main reason can be because the server may not be able to find username or the username is inaccessible to server. The main reason for this accessibility can be:

  • Unreadable or Incorrect Mail file permissions creates inaccessibility
  • Incorrect format or spelling of email address
  • Wrong information in MX records so that it points to some other server.
  • Improper routing of emails to local or remote domains can happen.

Advisable solutions

Before going through the below mentioned solution please make sure that the email address is spelled correctly.

  1. The first and foremost reason can be incorrect or missing DNS records. So check the DNS first by updating MX Record/ SPF or Run DNS validation
    • Running dnsvalidationlist out all the configuration issues related to the Google Apps.
    • For updating MX Recordslogin to the account and go to app settings and then add MX records.
    • Updating SPF Records allows you to define which mail servers are allowed to send emails on behalf of the domain.
  2. Make sure that your emails are not marked as spam/ junk mails. DKIM protocols can be used to authenticate your emails from spam mails.

You can perform any of the above mentioned tips to fix your error while emailing with Google Apps. Always make sure that the email address is spelled correctly and go for the updating of your MX or SPF records.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

How to Get Chat History from Gmail Account

Most of the people want to get chat history from their Gmail account. It’s very easy to get Gmail chat history for this only you need to follow some steps:

Step 1. Login your Gmail Account

Step 2. See left panel and scroll down on the Gmail Homepage.

Step 3. Click on “Chats” now you can see your Gmail chat history 

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Steps to Recover Deleted Email from Trash

Most of the user by mistake deleted their email messages after that they worry about their important email messages recovery don’t worry about Gmail recovery.

If you have deleted your email messages from your Gmail inbox you can recover your deleted email message from Trash, follow given below steps to put it back in your inbox:

Step 1. Sign in you Gmail Account

Step 2. Click on Trash option which is showing left side of Gmail

Step 3. Search deleted email message in Trash

Step 4. If user wants to move their email messages back in inbox, Go to Move option and click on inbox

Step5. Now you can check your recover email messages in  Inbox

If you have deleted email messages permanently, from your Trash and Spam, you won’t be able to restore your deleted Gmail emails after 30 days,  so for your convenient take Gmail Backup from Gmail Backup Tool to continuously emails Backup on your local system

Thursday, 2 July 2015

How to Get Backup Your Gmail in Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is a web mail service. It is used to sending and receiving email files folder etc, just like similar to Gmail web service but so many people want to transfer their emails in Zoho Web Mail service. Now Problem comes how to get backup Gmail in Zoho Mail. This is very good questioning how to get backup Gmail detail in Zoho Mail, and it may quiet of mind to Gmail users.

Steps to backup Gmail in Zoho Mail
Configure your Gmail account and send a copy of all emails and  you receive it in Zoho mail account for this process you have to login your account and Go to Setting option -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab->Add a Forwarding Address and fill Zoho mail email address. Click on the Save Changes button. You should start receiving a copy of all mails to your Gmail account in Zoho Mail now.

Now you could create filter option in your Zoho mail account to receive email from Gmail in separate folder. And you can also add sender email address. 

Login to your Zoho Mail account, click on Settings -> Mail Accounts -> Add Mail Account and fill your Gmail account details. And save it

Click on Back button, you can see your Gmail account listed at the top left.

Now Zoho mail will Stat to receiving a copy of mails from your Gmail account