Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fix the Error 550: “No such user here” in Google Apps

Google Apps is a collaborative tool for could computing and it includes various applications from Google like Gmail, calendars, docs, Drives,Hangouts, etc.in single suite. Google Apps email services is popular choice all around the globe and while using it, you may come across error when you send emails to/ from Google Apps. The most commonly found error is Error 550. This error code may prompt with several messages like:

  • The email account you tried to reach doesn’t exist
  • Mail relay denied
  • Unrecognized authentication type

Reasons Behind the Error

There can be several reasons behind the occurrence of the error. The main reason can be because the server may not be able to find username or the username is inaccessible to server. The main reason for this accessibility can be:

  • Unreadable or Incorrect Mail file permissions creates inaccessibility
  • Incorrect format or spelling of email address
  • Wrong information in MX records so that it points to some other server.
  • Improper routing of emails to local or remote domains can happen.

Advisable solutions

Before going through the below mentioned solution please make sure that the email address is spelled correctly.

  1. The first and foremost reason can be incorrect or missing DNS records. So check the DNS first by updating MX Record/ SPF or Run DNS validation
    • Running dnsvalidationlist out all the configuration issues related to the Google Apps.
    • For updating MX Recordslogin to the account and go to app settings and then add MX records.
    • Updating SPF Records allows you to define which mail servers are allowed to send emails on behalf of the domain.
  2. Make sure that your emails are not marked as spam/ junk mails. DKIM protocols can be used to authenticate your emails from spam mails.

You can perform any of the above mentioned tips to fix your error while emailing with Google Apps. Always make sure that the email address is spelled correctly and go for the updating of your MX or SPF records.

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