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Introduction to Yahoo SMTP Error Codes

Yahoo® is the American multinational company that offers facilities like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo News, etc.Yahoo Mail is the free email service provided by Yahoo and is the third largest in the world. Yahoo mail offers 1TB of storage and free access of IMAP and SMTP servers.The chance of getting an error is a part of our daily life. Similarly getting stuck with errors in Yahoo Mail is also a common scenario.
Errors and Error Codes
When Yahoo Mail is met with some error it will prompt with error code, hexadecimal value and sometimes an error message also. The error code contains some hidden information in it. Error with 4xxx format indicates a temporary problem and 5xxx indicates a permanent problem. The hex value displayed is the reference to memory location where the error occurred. The error message gives a brief description about the error.
Yahoo SMTP Error Codes
Yahoo Mail uses SMTP for sending the mails and you may come across situations where SMTP re-bounces the mails back. The re-bouncing of mails prompts the error messages also. The error messages are denoted by the Error Codes 421, 553, 554, etc. SMTP error can be classified to 4xxx and 5xxx according to the severity level of the causes.Let’s see the SMTP Yahoo Errors in detail.
Causes of SMTP Errors
The SMTP error in Yahoo Mail mainly occurs due to network traffic and other policies in the network. Some of the possible reasons of the bouncing of mail can be as follows:
  • Traffic on the network so that the mails cannot be send over the network
  • Error in email address or address that does not exist in the server.
  • Contents in the message or header of the mailsmay filter out your mails as illegal mails.
  • Unable to verify the legitimate sender can cause SMTP error.
  • Failed to verify the authenticity using DKIM key of the mail.
  • Mail server is busy to attempt your connection.
  • Your IP address may be marked to spamhaus list.
  • Attempting to send high volume of contents through bulk mailing that exceeds the permitted limit.

Fixing SMTP error in Yahoo Mail

It is very hard to fix the SMTP Errors. Sometimes it takes hours of waiting to send an email due to traffic on the network. The first and foremost method is to resend the mails after waiting for an hour. Some of the other tips to overcome SMTP Errors are
  • Check validity of email address; whether it is spelled correctly.
  • Make sure that the message contains only acceptable contents only as per the yahoo policy.
  • Check whether the email header is forged by someone else so that your mail appears as a fake mail.
  • If the IP address and the SMTP server are added to blacklisted category thentake appropriate measures.
  • Make sure that Trojans or any built in spam engine are not working behind the black listing activities
  • Manage the bulk sending of the emails from the account to the standard acceptable by Yahoo mail.
  • Review the outgoing mails by IP, URL, Domain, Sender, DKIM, etc. for its reputation.
SMTP errors can be fixed using any of the above described tips. If none of the above tips helps you to handle the situation the best solution is to contact the mail server administrator for fixing the SMTP Error.

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