Friday, 13 November 2015

What To Do If Gmail Storage Quota Exceeded Error Strikes?

Google offers around 15 GB storage limits, which is spread across Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail. In case your Google Account is through school or work, 30 GB will be provided. Google also offers more storage but it will cost you and hence many users prefer the 15 GB limit which comes without any cost. Most of these users will never realize that the storage limit is reaching its end and they will not be able to send or receive email further. As the email, usage for some users is very less and hence the storage limit will not exceed for them. However, for professional users, story can be different. Improper management and excessive usage of emailing can hit the 15 GB limit soon and can affect work progress as well. At this point, deletion can be a smart action but it will not solve your problem permanently.

What Exactly Happens When Gmail Storage Limit Is Reached?

Some users have concerns that whether the old emails are automatically deleted when this storage limit of 15 GB is reached. However, to their concern, Google does not do any of such things. It will just stop receiving any email further and will not let you send the emails from that specific ID. Since this 15 GB of storage is shared amongst all the services, Gmail account (emailing) will be affected because of over storage in the Drive and other services. Deletion from Google drive can help in this case. Previously 15 GB of storage sounded more than enough but now as other email services have offered terabytes of limits, and emailing has become more powerful this storage limit is reached soon. It is suggested to keep a check on the storage space used-up and left in order to maintain it. For this, you can follow the below mentioned steps;

  • Go to
  • In the bottom left, storage usage can be seen by hovering mouse over it.
  • A small window will pop-up showing complete details of your Google usage.
  • You can also visit to view the details.

Probable Reasons for Error Message

Sometimes despite of the availability of storage space, this error message is prompted. This means that if you get this “storage quota exceeded” message, it does not always mean that the storage limit has reached. First users have to check the storage limit and then decide what should be the next step. There are below mentioned probable reasons why this this message can be prompted and what does it means:
  1. The message can be prompted while forwarding email via or to another Gmail account, which has, its storage limit exceeded.
  2. In case, one of the filters is redirecting the email through full Gmail account.
  3. If you are using Google Apps account and for your domain, email account is full

How to Resolve This Storage Quota Error Issue?

  • Check you Gmail account if you have any forwarding going on through “Mail Settings” >> “Forwarding & POP/IMAP”. If you do and it is another account, check if that particular account has reached its quota.
  • Check under “Mail Settings” under >> “Filters” if any filter is set to send emails via some other account. If it is set so, check the storage quota limit.
  • Deletion can be another right action done on such erroneous Gmail account. You can log-in to the Gmail account and delete emails from Spam folder and Deleted Item (Trash) folder to delete them permanently. You can also delete emails, which are irrelevant, download attachments, and delete them (if unwanted). This can partially free some space from your Gmail account.
  • You can also delete some data from the Goggle Drive or Google Photos.
  • Configuration of Gmail account with desktop email client can be a suitable solution to maintain the storage limits.
  • One more solution for this situation can be a solution to export your Gmail data from Google's server. Such utilities are programmed to take backup of Gmail account emails, contacts, documents, and calendars and can free the storage from Gmail account.


Email storage limitation is applied to all the email applications and services. Moreover, users must keep checking the growing size of this storage in order to maintain the email data. Many email services provide Terabytes of storage and when compared to these email services, 15 GB seems to be very less. In order to increase/free this limited storage space, some extra efforts have to be taken by users. SysTools Gmail Data Backup utility tend to resolve this Gmail mail quota warning error by backing up email data to congruent file formats. Regular deletion of unwanted emails and heavy attachments can also be an effectual effort.


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