Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Yahoo Email Quota Exceeded! What To Do Next?

Storage limit is one of the important parameter based on which users opt for the emailing service. It is important to have large storage limit so that the limit does not run out after few years of usage. It completely depends on the type of account which to be configured with and usage. Yahoo Mail comes with exceptional features and is part of millions of users across the globe for emailing. Earlier it provided unlimited email storage space but for now, it has been restricted to 1 TB. This restriction has raised a concern where there are chances to have Yahoo Email quota exceeded. This blog discusses about apprehensions for such lack of email storage in Yahoo Mail account and important steps to be taken afterwards.

How to Know How Much Email Storage Space Is Left?

Before getting worried, it is better to know if your Yahoo Mail account is running out if email storage space. Let us first know the total space available for account. Yahoo Mail service was launched with provision of 4 MB space which was soon increased to 100 MB. Later on this space was again increased to 1 GB and soon it was completely free for Yahoo users. The free Yahoo accounts came with unlimited storage space, which was the foremost advantage of this email service. Finally as per the recent availability, the storage space is restricted again to 1 TB. For a personal account, this storage limit is more than enough. However, a professional account can have different story. Professional email account can have millions of emails and heavy attachments embedded with emails. Professional accounts also have important emails in it and no user will risk coming across such situation where the Yahoo email quota is exceeded and user is unable to access the account anymore.

So how to know the email storage space left for your account? You can follow the below mentioned steps to know the space available:

  • Log in into your Yahoo Mail email account.
  • Go to Settings icon available in the right-most corner.
  • Click on this icon and then select Settings from the explored options.
  • From the available options, choose Accounts to view the details.
  • In the left pane, you will be able to see the total space and used space.

Limits for Yahoo Mail Account Storage Size Is Approaching

If the size of the email storage is about to end soon, it is important to free up some space. For this, users can perform various strategies. Some of the workaround are mentioned below which can help in such situations where users have reached the email storage limits.

Method 1: Delete the Unwanted Emails

Not all emails residing in the email accounts are important. For unofficial emails, the unwanted emails can be deleted and the space for those emails can be freed. Users can select these unwanted messages and delete them permanently in order to free up the space for new message.

Method 2: Backing Up Yahoo Account

Backup of Yahoo Mail emails can instantly give you relief from issues with email storage limitation. Users can either manually copy down the emails to PDFs or Word files or can configure Yahoo accounts with desktop email clients in order to save the emails locally. However, Yahoo imposes restrictions for free-accounts in some regions, so this configuration is available for restricted users only.


Since there is limitation to email server storage space, it is important to always keep a check on growing size of emails. Yahoo account users for personal accounts will find 1 TB enough but users who are using it for professional purpose can end up reaching the limit soon. There are also some external utilities, which can help in the backing up process of emails like Yahoo email Backup software. This tool also has an optional functionality of “Delete after Download” which allows the deletion of emails after backing up the emails from Yahoo Mail account. In this way, users can choose appropriate steps and avoid getting Yahoo Email quota exceeded.


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