Thursday, 3 December 2015

Resolved Error: Outlook Not Syncing With Gmail

Are you tried of finding issues in syncing your Gmail account with Outlook? Here, this blog will help you to troubleshoot with the issues.

The issues may vary accordingly. You might have configured the Gmail account with Outlook properly and it might have worked for few days. But, one day all of a sudden everything might have gone uncontrolled. You may find that, new emails received have not been synced with Outlook,emails are seen missing etc. Or sometimes from the day first itself, your account might not have properly synced.

The facility of synching web-based email client by Outlook has made the working with web mails easier. All the emails will be available on your Outlook with the same formatting; read or unread. Moreover, to an extent it allows to secure the emails from outages as well.However, if the sync is not properly carried out then, you won’t be able to work with the emails.

How come the account not synced properly?What are the issues behind the error: Outlook not syncing with Gmail?

Syncing Issues

The main issue of emails not synced with Outlook can be the improper configuration of the account. If your account is not properly synced with Outlook, you won’t be able to see the emails. Apart from this, there can even other reasons like;

  • The network connection might have failed during configuration
  • MS Outlook may have gone to Offline mode
  • The protocols used might not have been enabled properly
  • Issue in network at the time of synchronization

These are only some of the issues that lead to the synchronization loss. What can be done in according to bring back the emails to Outlook? How can the synchronization issues be solved?

How To Restore Synchronization Of Emails To Outlook

In the above paragraph, it is clearly mentioned the issues with the syncing. Some of the issues can be sort out by the user itself.

Before configuring your Gmail account with Outlook, see that the network connection is proper. Connectivity is essential during the configuration and Outlook should be in online mode; not offline. Apart from having a good network, user should know the correct configuration steps. Emails will get downloaded in Outlook only if the protocols are enabled.

During configuring;

  • Open Gmail Account
  • Go to the Settings>>Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Enable the Protocol using; either POP or IMAP
  • Check the ‘Enable’ radio button corresponding to the protocol

Note: Enabling IMAP is the good option than POP. If IMAP is enabled, it allows syncing the Gmail emails exact with the mark of read or unread. However, if POP is enabled, the chances of losing the messages are more.

Even after the configuration of the account with Outlook nothing works well then, grabbing the hands of third party can help you out.

Third Party Solution

SysTools Gmail Backup software from the team of software solutions can be used as an alternate to save Gmail to PST, which is a native file format of Outlook. The application provides the user to download all the emails located in Gmail server to PST file format. The tool has the provision to download all the mails including inbox, sent items, chats, spam folder etc. and permits the user to delete the emails from the server once when downloaded. Once when the emails are saved to PST file, user can later import the file to Outlook and work with the mails.


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