Saturday, 5 December 2015

Alternatives to Save Gmail Email As PDF Without Outside Help

Earlier Gmail featured an option to save its email(s) as PDF files. PDF files as known are the best document type file introduced by Adobe and used by users worldwide. Meanwhile, Gmail is a webmail service with same user response. However, the only difference is, Gmail can only be accessed when there is an uninterrupted network connectivity available to access the webmail service. On the other hand, a PDF document type file can be accessed both online as well as locally on a machine equipped with a freeware reader. This post here discusses about a new alternative that was introduced for achieving the same requirement but in a different manner.

How To Save Gmail Email as PDF?

The option to save Gmail message as a document on Google was available with the previous versions. Meanwhile, despite its elimination an alternative can still be implemented in order to work out the issue.
Nevertheless, using the print option provided within Gmail itself, one can achieve the requirement of storing emails from Gmail as PDF type file. Below is the process, which can be followed out in order to save messages from Gmail as a portable type document:
  1. Log into your Gmail account and open the email you desire to save as a PDF.
  2. Click on the Print icon given on the top right side of the email.
  3. On clicking on the Print option, Gmail will open the message as a new web page of the browser.
  4. The window will open along with a print prompt popup. Click on Properties button.
  5. An ‘Adobe PDF Document Properties’ window will appear. Click on Adobe PDF Settings tab.
  6. Now click on the Browse button provided for Adobe PDF Output Folder option.
  7. Select a storage path of your choice to define the destination location for saving the PDF as per your convenience.
  8. Click on Ok to close Properties window
  9. Again, click on Ok on the Print window to close it.
  10. A window reporting the printing process will appear with the Title of the mail and Progress status.
  11. Once the process has completed, go to the defined destination path to find the PDF output generated.
  12. Open and view the file.
Another option for creating a PDF for every email that you want to save is by using the print option via Chrome browser. When Gmail is used via Google Chrome browser or via its official smartphone application, then there is a great chance of attaining variety of options to save emails as PDF.
  1. Once the login is made and desired email has been opened click on the Print option again.
  2. This time a Chrome browser being used the interface and options will be different.
  3. Click on Change to apply custom print settings. Either select a Local Destination or choose Google Cloud Print option to perform the storage.
  4. Saving the email as PDF will create a PDF at the defined location, as described in the above-mentioned procedure.
  5. On selecting Google Cloud Print option and saving to Google Drive one can access and download the mail as PDF anywhere due to its availability on Cloud.
The defined PDF generation procedures are beneficial and completely result oriented. However, the only difficulty with it is that only one email can be processed and converted at a time. If you are planning to transform your entire Gmail message storage to PDF format, then none of the described procedures may serve as anticipated. Nevertheless, the process is undoubtedly dependable and foolproof and can be availed by users to save Gmail email as PDF type file.


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