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Friday, 11 November 2016

Export Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail Contacts

In this informative article, you will learn about how to export Thunderbird contacts to Gmail contacts by manual and automatic methods. Many of us use multiple email account on web-based service or desktop-based service so we all need to merge our contacts in one place either in Thunderbird or in Gmail as per our need. In such situation we need to export our contacts from one account to another account and save contacts over the cloud is the best way to secure our important contacts.
By the manual method, you should first export all relevant contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird (vCard) then import address book(vCard) into Gmail contacts.
By the automatic method, you go for third party tool which easily export Contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook without any extra efforts.
Both methods are effective and secure but choose which methods is totally dependents on your Mozilla Address book sizes. For example, if your Thunderbird address book contains 500 contacts then you must use manual methods or if your Mozilla address book contains 5000 contacts then you must use automatic method.
In next section, you will learn how to export contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird address book then how to import contacts into Gmail address book.

Steps to Export Contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

2. Go to Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book → Tools → Export.

3. Assign name to folder & Save contacts in vCard format(sample.vcf) to desired location.

4. Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book exported in vCard format and saved on the local machine.

5. You can directly open your Mozilla Thunderbird contacts by double click.

Note: After the successful conversion please create a backup of your important Mozilla Thunderbird address book data for future references.

Steps to Import Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts into Gmail Contacts

1. Open Gmail Account → Go to Contacts from left side drop down.

2. Go to More Actions pull-down choose Import option Pop will display then select CSV or vCard File option.

3. After selection its redirect to new tab then pop up will display to choose a file from the local drive. Click on Choose File button.

4. Select Thunderbird contacts which saved in local drive(sample.vcf).

5. Click on Import button and your contacts will reflect in Gmail account.

Note: After successful conversion please save all imported Gmail contacts in the local drive for future references by use Gmail Export option.


In the informative article, you would understand how to export Mozilla Thunderbird address book and import into Gmail address book. We are enclosing best possible manual steps to export Thunderbird contacts to Gmail contacts. Use the manual method when you stored lots of contacts in Mozilla Thunderbird address book because we don’t know when a perfect tool stop working. Easily exported all Mozilla Thunderbird address book with contacts properties such as name, email address, nickname, home phone, work phone, organization, pager, cellular, home address, work address, personal & business web page, etc. For a secure and easy conversion use a reliable third party tool.

Friday, 14 October 2016

How to Attach Email in Gmail as an Attachment to Another Message

Gmail is one of the email clients that offers many facilities to it's users. Gmail allows users to attach any old message in new one. Sometimes, it's a need of users to attach any email message in a new email, Gmail makes this possible for users to attach an email message to another.

In a case when users have an email that may contain some important information, attachments or hyperlinks in such as, instead of forwarding that same email to other users, one can attach complete mail as an attachment in the new message.

Attaching an email in new email is very useful when the user wants to give reference of any information.

There are different methods to attach email to email in Gmail, which can be done saving a message as an EML file on the desktop and by saving the email in Google Drive. The user can follow any of these methods to attach old email in another mail. In this article we will discuss the different steps involved in attaching email to email in Gmail.

Attach an Email to Another Email in Gmail

Now let's consider one query from Gmail user:

"I am using Gmail and I have one very crucial email, rather than just copy or forward that email, I want include the same email as an attachment in my new message. How can I attach that previous email in a new email message?"

Gmail attach email message by saving it in Google Drive, In this method, the user can attach previous email in a new email by saving that email In Google Drive. one can attach that file while writing a new message. To do this task one can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the email that user want to attach in new message Now click on drop down menu present next to reply arrow
  • Click on Print option
  • Once the user clicked on Print option, a print screen will display, Now user need to click Change button in destination section. This will change the destination of email.
  • After clicking Change icon, user can select Save to Google Drive in the Google Cloud Print
  • Now click on Save to complete the process
  • User can also view their saved email in Google Drive
  • To attach saved email in new mail, click on Compose and Click on Google Drive icon and select the old message to the email

User can also attach email to email by saving the previous mail as an EML file:

  • Save email as an EML file on the desktop
  • If user wants to remove recipients email address from the message, user can use text editor
  • Compose new message and attach that EML file in it
  • and Click on Send


It is very convenient for users to attach old email in an email instead of adding previous mail screen shots or forwarding the same email. The user can follow above mentioned steps to attach an email in a new email. The method of saving email in Google drive makes that email more secure, portable and more acceptable, which also a very easy method to attach email in am email. In the second method, a user can also attach EML file in a new message.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Access Verizon Yahoo Mail Using a Mail Client

In today article we are discovering how to access Verizon Yahoo mail using a mail client program. After the deal of acquisition between Verizon and Yahoo mail, many of yahoo mail users worried about their email accounts data. Some of Yahoo user start moving with another mail clients and start using services of the mail clients. By this acquisition, Yahoo mail user facing problem to use their yahoo mail account. Some of Yahoo mail user think about to move into another email clients such as:
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Cloud (Office 365)
  • Entourage
  • Mac Mail for Mac Users
  • Thunderbird
Now we are going to discuss in next step, that how to access Verizon Yahoo mail using a mail client program & how to configure Verizon Yahoo mail POP settings.

How to Access Verizon Yahoo Mail Using a Mail Client Program

On the basis of the found result I managed to fount that how to configure Verizon Yahoo mail POP settings and how to access Verizon Yahoo mail using a mail client program. These are some step to access Verizon Yahoo mail POP settings for Thunderbird, Entourage, Outlook & Outlook Express and more. These are manual steps to configure POP settings:
For Incoming Server Settings:
  • User Name: incoming email
  • Password: in email-verizon (Example try your own)
  • Incoming Server:
  • Incoming Port: 995
  • Security Type: SSL
For Outing Server settings:
  • Outgoing Server:
  • Outgoing Port: 465
  • Security Type: SSL
  • Authorisation Required: Yes
  • Password: in email-verizon (Example try your own)
Above mentioned are the steps to configure Verizon Yahoo mail POP settings and access Verizon Yahoo Mail using another email client program. This solution is based on my personal implementation on Thunderbird only. I have not tried these steps on other email client application so not 100% sure for following the same steps to access your Verizon Yahoo emails on Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Entourage, Windows Live Mail or Mac Mail. So you can check & try the same steps discussed above

What is The Best Alternative to Access Verizon Yahoo mail using Mail Client

As per I have mentioned above, that Verizon Yahoo mail POP settings for Thunderbird is based on what I implemented actually. And successfully configured Thunderbird mail client and thus able to access Verizon Yahoo Mails. I suggest you to first create backup for your Verizon Yahoo mail then move to another mail applications. Many Yahoo Mail Backup tool are available over the internet. You can first create your Yahoo mail backup then try these step to access Verizon Yahoo mail using a mail client program.

In Conclusion

In this article you will find your solution on how to access Verizon Yahoo mail using mail client and Verizon Yahoo mail pop settings. I have also mentioned alternative solution for securing your Yahoo mail account data by the help of Yahoo Mail Backup Tool. Yahoo user got confused to use Verizon Yahoo mail or not; because they are facing problem with Verizon Yahoo mail account settings. what is important in such a situation to be ready with a best alternative plan, move to another mail application with Yahoo mail backup!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

How to Access Yahoo Mail without Phone Number - Bypass Verification Code:

Yahoo Mail or Say Verizon Yahoo Mail is in every news tagline because Verizon acquired Yahoo already. Yahoo was an American organization, founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 with innovative idea for internet users. Start email services with send emails and received emails & Yahoo search engine where you can search anything from anywhere, any time. Verizon is a Mobile telecommunication company with successful career. Due to this acquisition users are facing problem to use & access their Yahoo Mail account. Some user think about to move into others email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Thunderbird etc.

Some Major Issues to Access Verizon Yahoo Mail

Some of major issues come with Verizon Yahoo Mail users to access there Yahoo email account:
I am trying to login my Yahoo account with User Name & password, but instead of login it is directing me to Verizon & asking for the Phone number. Unfortunately I have changed my number earlier & now struggling to access my Yahoo Mail without Phone number”
“I forget my password and not able to use my Yahoo Mail because Verizon Yahoo Mail alert me to enter your registered phone number to access Yahoo Mail so my requirement is to bypass the verification so that I could access Yahoo Mail without giving phone number”
You can access to Verizon Yahoo Mail by the help of Yahoo password helper:
  • Go for password helper
  • Enter your Yahoo email id
  • Enter your new mobile number for security verification code
  • Click Yes
  • Now you will receive the verification code
  • Enter that security verification Code and Click Yes
  • Now you will be able to access your Yahoo Mail account without mobile number or any verification code.
Note: Free license of Yahoo Mail don’t support POP3 setting, POP3 setting is provides solution for importing and exporting. What is important in such a situation to be ready with a best backup plan.
“I am using Yahoo Mail from last 3 years and I am unable to access my Yahoo Mail because Verizon mail alert me to enter your secret answer for secret question checker which I put in past and forget secret answer. So how can I access Yahoo Mail without secret question”
You can access to Verizon Yahoo Mail by the help of Yahoo sign in helper:
  • Go for sign in helper
  • Enter your Yahoo email id
  • Select reset secret question
  • Select new secret question
  • Enter your new answer
  • Now you have your new secret answer
  • Enter secret answer and use your Yahoo Mail account.
“I am using Yahoo Mail from last 6 years and I forget my Yahoo Mail Password and try to reset new password but Verizon Yahoo Mail alert me to enter your registered mobile number for receive verification code but I forget my mobile number so that I can bypass Yahoo Mail verification code
You can access to Verizon Yahoo Mail with the help of Yahoo forget password helper:
  • Go for forget password helper
  • Enter your Yahoo email id
  • Select forget password
  • Select your secret question
  • Enter your secret answer
  • Select reset password
  • Enter new password
  • Open Verizon Yahoo Mail
  • Enter your Yahoo email id and new password & access your Yahoo account & bypass the verification.

Common Challenges Faced by the User - Can't Access Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail users get panic due to they can’t access Yahoo Mail and unable to backup there Yahoo Mail account’s data. Due to downtime of Yahoo Mail, users were unable to login into Yahoo Mail account. Where they are trying to login into Yahoo Mail, they are the redirect to Verizon Yahoo Mail and facing problems because it is asking for the password. Well the queries vary from country to country. The only single tool is available in market to fix your unability to access Yahoo data is to take backup of Yahoo account using the SysTools Yahoo backup. It is able to login & backup your account irrespective of phone number & secret verification code or question. With this you are free to switch your account because you have the backup now.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Export Gmail To EML Files - Complete Guide

While I was reading various forums on Gmail, I came across many user queries that were asking for ways to convert Gmail to EML files.
So I researched on the various methods through which you could successfully export Gmail messages to EML.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Envelope Sender:- Behind the Scene of E-mail World


All of us are very well aware about the term Email. The very next word being taught in the childhood just after the “Internet and its uses”. That makes us learn, “How to send E-mails and create e-mail accounts”? But there are different processing steps involved acting back stage of E-mail world for sending these E-mail.

Things to know:

While sending an E-mail it is associated in two packages. The first one is, Envelope Sender and the other is, From: address. The E-mail sends and respond in the same way as of postal mail delivering method. The difference is only of Physical and Internet world. The Postal mail delivers mails in physical form, but the E-mail acts via Virtual world. Like in the example:

From: We fills our Name and E-mail address into the header fields. (Envelope Sender)To: We enter in our friend's name and E-mail address into the header fields. (From: address)
  • We click send in your e-mail client and wait for mail server to pick up.
  • Our e-mail gets picked up by the e-mail server set in our outgoing mail server settings.
  • Then our e-mail tries to deliver from the e-mail server, to our friends remote e-mail server.
  • At final our e-mail is delivered into our friend's e-mail Inbox.
  • If a situation arises that it can’t be sent due to some issues or entering the invalid mailing address return back to the us. 

1. Envelope Sender:

Envelope sender is the E-mail package in which computer should respond. If the mail doesn’t carry appropriate E-mail address or having some issue in receiver’s Mail server it would return back to us showing Non Delivery Report(NDR) with Non Delivery Notification (NDN). It basically depends on two factors i.e Mail server and Destination of our E-mail server. The mail which is returned back is called as Bounce mail or Non Delivered Report.

Bounce mail is the mail which we receive on our E-mail Account because of undelivered mail, due to inappropriate Address entered or Temporary delivery problem with the E-mail server showing the notification as shown in an image given below:

  • This mail showing the Non Delivery Report, and is sent either by our mail server, or the destination of the mail server of our E-mail. Bounce back messages are a method which help us to know, that something has happened to disrupt our email delivery. Mail servers uses Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to handle the deliveries for the server. If we typed our friend's email address incorrect or due to temporary delivery problem with their mail server, then the remote MTA will send a bounce back message to our Email error comprising of message or error code and explaining the reason for undelivered mail.
  • There are three types of bounce mail:a). Soft Bounce backb). Hard Bounce backc). Blacklisted Bounce back
a). Soft Bounce back:
A soft bounce can be called when the entered email address was valid and the email message reached to the recipient’s mail server. But, it bounced back due to following reasons:
  • The mailbox of the user was completely filled with mails.
  • Due to slow connectivity with server.
  • Too large message for the recipient’s inbox.
b). Hard Bounce back:
A hard bounce can be called because of permanently rejection of the mail, due to following reasons:
  • Invalid E-mail address.
  • Non-existence of E-mail address.

2. From: address

From: address is the email package on which people should Respond. It shows the Recipient the Name and E-mail address of the sender. It can also be changed using following steps:-
1). Open Gmail
2). On the top right, click Settings.
3).Click on Account and Import tab.

4)In the “Send mail as” section, apply your Name as your wish and E-mail address you want to apply.


This article deals with the packages involved in sending an E-mail. Explaining the Envelope Sender and From: address including the error code and explaining the reason for undelivered mail. It also tells about the change in “ Send mail as” feature while sending an E-mail.  

Friday, 17 June 2016

Save Hotmail Email as EML - Complete Manual

So here I come with another topic to discuss on backing up the emails of web-based email clients; This time, it is Hotmail. In this blog, we will be discussing how can you backup Hotmail emails to computer in EML file format.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Techniques & Tricks to Manage Microsoft Outlook PST File

What is PST Management?

PST management is a method used to organize the Outlook Data File sizes, storage types, integrity loss issues etc.
Microsoft Outlook automatically stores all the e-mails, contacts, tasks, journals, etc. together in a single place called Outlook data file(.pst). How an application works depends entirely upon the fact that how is it managed. Thus to cater the needs and requirements of the user, PST management can work accordingly.

Scenario's: User requires to manage PST File!

1. To protect your PST files and its data from getting corrupted or lost due to reasons like:

  • Exceeding the defined size limitation. This limitation is only applicable for Outlook versions 2002 and its previous versions which had space upto 2 GB.
  • The entire drive getting corrupted where the data was saved. That is when a PST file gets created it gets saved in a particular drive. Thus due to any reason if the drive gets crashed or corrupted the data too gets lost.
  • Not terminating Outlook properly, i.e. if the Outlook is not properly closed, or closed in middle of any downloading process the data may get corrupted.
  • Presence of Virus or malicious softwares affect the data stored on the system either corrupting it or resulting in data loss.

2.  Suppose in an organization there are 3 people working on a particular project, each one of them having their own accounts. For e.g.,,  Now the company decides to let only one employee work on the project and let him handle all the accounts. Thus handling 3 accounts at a time may get complicated.

Thus an Outlook account is provided, where all the three g-mail accounts can be configured together to make one. In such a case three PST files will get generated for a single Outlook and these files can be further merged together into one.

3.  Removing Duplicate data and excluding out deleted items i.e. when two or more accounts get configured into one, emails or contacts get duplicated.

4.  Converting the format of PST file to generate a different view for e.g. converting a PST file into PDF format so as to obtain an electronic image which can be printed, navigated, etc.

5.  Managing the attachments of PST files like removal, extraction and saving or extraction and compression. For eg. On receiving a mail with attachments, those individual attachments can be handled accordingly to either to decrease the size of the PST file or to compress the attachments.

Now, to overcome these limitations and short-comes, let us discuss a technique in particular:

Know how to Configure Gmail with Outlook:

PST Merging Techniques

Manual Methods: Users can manually combine data by importing it from one file to another. For importing the files, one needs to ensure creating a backup of the files to prevent the chances of data loss or data corruption.
  1. Create a PST file on MS Outlook application and Browse the location to save your file.
  2. Open MS Outlook; go to File >> Open  >> Import (the import option is used to load the file from its location into the MS Outlook)
  3. Import and Export Wizard will open, there select ‘Import from another program or file’ and then choose the Outlook Data file (.pst) to open PST files.
  4. Now go to browse and select the desired file and make sure to check the ‘do not import duplicates’ check box.
  5. Now select the folder of PST file and choose ‘Import items into the same folder’ and click on Finish.
  6. Repeat the above steps again to combine the other PST files into the same file.
Limitations: This process of manually merging PST files is tedious, as each file needs to be imported one by one. Moreover, the data may be corrupted or lost due to movement from one destination to another.
Due to these limitations, third party software is highly recommended to overcome the shortcomings of merging data manually.

Third Party Method

A merging tool can be used to easily merge various PST files together to lower the manual efforts.
PST Merge tool is used to merge large PST files together into a single Unicode type Outlook PST by Joining the PST files, merging the PST files or merging the contacts only with latest version being 3.2 and size 7.6
Supported Editions:  Microsoft Windows: 2000 – 2013 and onward & MS Outlook: Outlook 2000 to 2016
The basic key features provided by the PST Merge are:

1. 3 Options To Merge PST File:
         a. To join Multiple PST files
         b. To merge Multiple PST files
         c. To merge contacts only
2. Merge Multiple PST Files:   the software allows one to merge all similar folders from two or more MS Outlook PST files like in box mails, contact, journals, etc., into a single UNICODE PST file.
3. Merge And Remove Duplicate Items: one can select the ‘remove duplicate’ option to ensure the removal of duplicate files.
4. Add Folders To Merge: To combine data we do not need to add PST files one by one, the software provides with the option of add folder where all PST files can be selected in one go and perform the merge process in bulk.
5. Include/Exclude Deleted Items: While merging if we do not want the deleted items folder to merge with the other files, we can exclude the files by a particular option being selected.
6. Get Complete Story: The software will provide with the full status of the progress being made during the merging. A report showing number of PST files, their name, duplicate items, etc.

NOTE : N number of PST files can be added for merging (either individually or in bulk) with no limitation in the size and the time for merging process depends upon the type of file and their sizes.

The demo version allowing the user to join 2 folders, merging 15 data items and 15 contact items, whereas the full versions doesn’t have any limit to the adding up of folders and data items.
It is necessary to have MS Outlook installed and configured properly for any user to perform the process of merging.

Steps To Run the PST Merge Tool

1. Launch the PST merge tool and select an option from the three (join, merge, and merge contacts).
[If Join]
2. Now, click on Add Files (to add PTS files) or Add Folders (adding entire folder for files to merge) as per the requirement and add all the PST files that need to be merged together.
3. If, you do not wish to add duplicate items and deleted items to be added then click on the check button for the respective.
4. Click on the Browse button to select the destination where the merge files needs to be sent. Create a new folder if needed and click OK.
5. If all the files have been added for merging then click on  >> Merge PST files.
6. A dialogue box will appear for Successful completion.
[If Merge]
1. Select Remove Duplicate entries and Exclude Deleted Items to remove duplicate entries and the deleted items respectively.
2. Now Browse the destination where you want to keep the merged PST file.
3. Click on Merge PST file.
4. A detailed report of data items appear as the process start like PST file name, duplicate items, item count and the current Status.
5. Click OK on completion alert.
6. On completion the software displays information like name & location of the merged file.
[If Merge Contacts]
1. Repeat the same steps as above.

You can verify the merged items and PST files by opening them separately on MS Outlook.
File >> Open >> Open Outlook Data File
Select the file where PST Merge Software stored it and view.

Thus to merge any file according to the users choice, a third party PST File Merger Tool is always helpful rather than trying out all the alternatives, which may or may not give the desired results. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Approach to Migrate Email from Google Apps to Office 365

In recent years, many cloud-based communication suites have come up, which has made the business more dynamic than ever by building them in more accessible, effective and flexible form. MS Office 365 has come up as a preferred choice for the business users because of its wide range of capabilities. Therefore, users need to migrate their emails from Google Apps to Office 365 as discussed below.

Why Users Prefer Office 365 Over Google Apps?

Users need to migrate email from Google Apps to Office 365 especially in large-scale organization. Reason being, it offers up to 1TB cloud storage on a drive for individual employee in an organization. Moreover, it provides easy synchronization between various platforms and devices such as Tablets, Mac, PCs, Mobiles, etc., making the access universal and mobile. Office 365 also provides desktop-based application of Office suite although Google Apps only offers browser-based services. Office 365 offers a variety of editions and widely priced plans, which is based on the number of accounts for users to be managed. It maintains the privacy of the user’s data by providing more security as compare to Google Apps. As discussed above the contrast between both the services is significant. The following section introduces the feasible method of overcoming this need of migration.

How Users can Migrate Email from Google Apps to Office 365?

There is a software namely Google Apps to Office 365, which helps users to perform the migration of all data from Google Apps to Office 365. User can convert multiple Google Apps account to Office 365 at once, which helps to save a lot of time. It migrates the data by maintaining its integrity in exact form even after migration. It is fully safe and secure to perform the migration of data by following the simple steps discussed below:
Step 1:
Install the software in your machine.
Step 2:
Choose the export option to start the process of migration of data from Google Apps to Office 365.
Step 3:
Select the mode of migration of data according to the requirement- Single User or Domain User. If you select Single User, then you can migrate only single Google Apps mailbox at a time whereas in Domain user, you can migrate multiple Google Apps mailbox at once.
Note: For using Domain User for exporting of data, you must be admin of the domain.
Step 4:
If you are not an admin, then you should select export Single User account and then choose without impersonation option to continue the procedure.
Step 5:
Authenticate the mailbox and select the data, which needs to be migrated. You can add a date filter, if required.
Step 6:
Now, click on the start button to proceed the process and check the migration status. After the completion of the process, a pop-up will appear confirming the completion.


As discussed above, an easy solution to migrate email from Google Apps to Office 365 with Google Apps to Office 365 migration tool.The software gives a freedom to do the migration of email data between two of the most powerful cloud based services, without any size limitation. According to experts, the application is designed in such a way that it provides the migration of data along with proper data security.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Save Emails from Office 365 to Hard Drive

Office 365 is a server side office suite application provided by Microsoft. Office 365 allows user to access cloud technique to store all of their data. Office 365 totally depends on server and is a complete server side application program. Hence your data is only accessible to you when you have an active internet connection otherwise you cannot access it at all.

Scenario Discussed: -

In such case user often planned to switch from Office 365 to some more simplex email services. Now the issue invoke here is that you cannot take your Office 365 data to your new mail client directly. office 365 emails can be saved by both manual methods and via some third party tool. Moreover, the better option to save emails from Office 365 is to go for a reliable Third party utility which can perform automated save operation of your emails.

Recommended Solution: -

Here is the manual method to save your Office 365 emails to Hard drive.

 When you are switching from Microsoft Office 365 account to MS Outlook you can take images, existing contacts, and emails with you. You can copy everything into your Outlook data file ( PST) locally in your system and later uploaded it to Office 365 mailbox. You can access anything from anywhere so easily.

Follows the steps mentioned below: -
Step-1 Open Outlook, then click on file option resides at top-left of your screen.

Step-2 You will see Open & Export option after clicking to File. Now Select Open & export option.

Step 3 Once you put your mouse cursor on Select & export option, the right screen displays other sub-options to you. Choose import/export.

Step-4 The next step will redirects you to a popup window “Import and Export Wizard” displaying few options for exporting or importing of files in Outlook.

 STEP-5 As We’re going to export complete data into Outlook. So, Select Export to a file option and proceed to Next.

Step-6 The next option will ask you to create a file type. Select Outlook Data File (.PST) and click next.

Step-7 Select the current email account and make sure to check the subfolders inclusion option is enabled before proceeding next, otherwise it does not include any other folder apart from the default (inbox) folder.

Step-8 Now choose a destination location to save the file. You can browse any customized location. Furthermore, to remove duplicity of data enabled the option of “Replace duplicates with items exported”. And click on finish.

Step-9 Now you are asked to set a new password. You can skip this step too by clicking on OK.

Now all data is saved in the file. User need to perform an import operation now.

Step-10 Again click on file option -> Go to Open and Export-> click import/Export. In the Import & Export wizard. Click on to Import from another program or file.

Step-11 By clicking on next option in above screen you will see the pop-up again asking for a “file of type”. Choose the file type and proceed to next step.

Step-12 Import file into the same folder as shown in the screen. Click finish to complete the processing.

Hence this is the manual technique to save emails from Office 365 to Hard drive.

Using Third Party Tool

To save yourself from the bombarding of procedures and complex methods let me recommend you a very simple and reliable utility for your Office 365 mailbox. The Office 365 Backup is the one and only tool which ensures a complete save of Office 365 emails into your system locally. Moreover, the utility also claims to save contacts from Office 365 along with calendars, tasks and all embedded attributes.

The auto-operating mode makes the tool more powerful. Latterly you can export saved Office 365 emails into Outlook PST as well as import the PST into Office 365 account.

 Hence the third party utility is seeming to be more reliable then the manual method to save Office 365 emails locally & upload PST on Office 365 account.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Keeps asking for Password

Most of the time, when users configure their Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook a pop-up window appears and asks user name and password. So in this article, I am going to explain you step by step by guidance of synchronization of G-mail account with MS Outlook and what’s the reason behind this password prompting window and its solution.

Steps for configuring G-mail with Microsoft Outlook:

  • First, you have to enable POP/IMAP from Gmail account. To do so: Login into G-mail.

  • Click on “Settings” icon which is in upper right corner and then hit on “Settings” option from the list.

  • After that move on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, from here you can enable your POP/IMAP whatever you want to synchronize with Outlook and click on “Save Changes”. Here, I selected IMAP.

Steps in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Open “Microsoft Outlook” >> Click on “File” tab >> Click on “Add Account”.
  • A new window will appear named as Add New Account >> select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” >> click “Next”.

  • Select “POP/IMAP” option and click “Next”.
  • Now, start inputting the required details of Gmail account in the blank field like Your Name E-mail address, Account Type, Incoming & Outgoing mail server, User name & Password and then click on “More Settings”.
Note: Don’t forget get to check “Remember Password” option.

  •  Go to “Outgoing Server” tab and check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”.
  • Click on “Advanced” tab and check the server port number and then click on “OK” button.
              Incoming Server Port: 993
              Encryption Incoming Server: SSL
              Outgoing Server Port: 465 or 587
              Encryption for Outgoing Server: SSL

  • After doing this, click on “More Settings”, synchronization will start and randomly a password prompt pop-up window appears. If you check the “Save this password in your password list” option and click “OK”. But still you get the pop-up window.

This password prompting window will appears because less secure app option is disabled in your Gmail account. To stop this pop-up window you have to turn on less secure app from Gmail.

Steps to resolve this issue by enable less secure app from Gmail account:

  • Login to your “G-mail” account.
  •  Click on your “Profile picture” and then click on “My Account”.
  • Click on “Sign-in & Security”.
  • At left-pane, under the “Sign-in & Security” >> click on “Connected apps & sites”.
  • After hitting on “Connected apps & sites” option, move on right pane and keep scrolling the window.
  • In the Connected apps & sites section, enable “Allow less secure apps” option if disable.
  • After enabling the less secure app, go to Outlook window and click on “Next” button again and synchronization will start.
Note: If the error still appears, then try to change Outgoing Server Port no. : 465 | SSL or 587 | TLS or restart configuration again.

  • Now, finally your Gmail account has configured with MS Outlook successfully.

Watch Live steps to resolve "Outlook asking for username and password with Gmail" error message:

Friday, 22 January 2016

Know How to Download Aol Email to Outlook

How to Access Aol Email in outlook

AOL Mail or America Online Mail is a web-based email client introduced by AOL Corporation. The service is available for free to its users. It provides an unlimited email storage capacity and supports POP, IMAP as SMTP protocols. Since AOL extends support to IMAP, it can be synchronized with desktop-based email clients like MS Outlook. Once synchronized with Outlook, the user can download AOL emails to Outlook. The below steps will briefly explain how to download Aol email to outlook.

Procedure to Access AOL Email In Outlook

For accessing AOL emails in Outlook, the AOL account needs to be setup in Outlook. For doing so, following steps need to be followed:

  1. Open Outlook and click on File option.
  2. Select Add Account option above the Account Settings option.
  3. Select Manual setup or additional server types option and click on Next.
  4. Select POP or IMAP option from the list of option and click on Next
  5. Enter the details like your name, email address of the AOL account, Account type, etc. as shown in the screenshot below.
  6. Click on More Settings option and select Outgoing Server option. In this tab, enable the options
    • My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
    • Use Same Settings as my incoming mail server.
  7. Now select the Advanced and enter the following details:
  8. Incoming server (IMAP): 993/143
  9. Incoming server encrypted connection: SSL
  10. Outgoing server (SMTP): 25
  11. Outgoing server encrypted connection: TLS
  12. Click OK, once done.
  13. Once all the credentials have been entered, close the Window and click on Next.
  14. When done, click on Finish. If the entire information you have entered is correct, the tests will be completed successfully.
  15. Now you are all set. You can view all the AOL emails in Outlook.

    Download & Save AOL Mails Locally

    In the previous section, we discussed the process with the help of which a user can access AOL emails in Outlook account. However, for users who do not want to get Aol email in outlook and instead want to create a backup of AOL emails, they can do so by saving the AOL emails locally in the user machine.In order to create a backup of the AOL emails, many commercial tools are available in the market. However, not every tool can be trustworthy and therefore, the users may not put their confidentiality at risk.

    Therefore, the users should look for tools that ensure authenticity of the AOL account and the user data. One such commercial solution is AOL Email Backup Software. It is a secured solution, which saves the AOL emails locally in variant file formats like MBOX, PST, MSG, and EML. In addition to this, it gives the users additional features like Internet bandwidth customization, email filters, deletion of emails from AOL after backup and many more. It also enables the user to take backup of all the AOL emails as well as the IM conversion. All in all, it is the best and the most authentic commercial utility available for downloading AOL emails.