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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Outlook Cannot Connect to Gmail Keeps asking for Password

Most of the time, when users configure their Gmail account with Microsoft Outlook a pop-up window appears and asks user name and password. So in this article, I am going to explain you step by step by guidance of synchronization of G-mail account with MS Outlook and what’s the reason behind this password prompting window and its solution.

Steps for configuring G-mail with Microsoft Outlook:

  • First, you have to enable POP/IMAP from Gmail account. To do so: Login into G-mail.

  • Click on “Settings” icon which is in upper right corner and then hit on “Settings” option from the list.

  • After that move on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, from here you can enable your POP/IMAP whatever you want to synchronize with Outlook and click on “Save Changes”. Here, I selected IMAP.

Steps in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Open “Microsoft Outlook” >> Click on “File” tab >> Click on “Add Account”.
  • A new window will appear named as Add New Account >> select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” >> click “Next”.

  • Select “POP/IMAP” option and click “Next”.
  • Now, start inputting the required details of Gmail account in the blank field like Your Name E-mail address, Account Type, Incoming & Outgoing mail server, User name & Password and then click on “More Settings”.
Note: Don’t forget get to check “Remember Password” option.

  •  Go to “Outgoing Server” tab and check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”.
  • Click on “Advanced” tab and check the server port number and then click on “OK” button.
              Incoming Server Port: 993
              Encryption Incoming Server: SSL
              Outgoing Server Port: 465 or 587
              Encryption for Outgoing Server: SSL

  • After doing this, click on “More Settings”, synchronization will start and randomly a password prompt pop-up window appears. If you check the “Save this password in your password list” option and click “OK”. But still you get the pop-up window.

This password prompting window will appears because less secure app option is disabled in your Gmail account. To stop this pop-up window you have to turn on less secure app from Gmail.

Steps to resolve this issue by enable less secure app from Gmail account:

  • Login to your “G-mail” account.
  •  Click on your “Profile picture” and then click on “My Account”.
  • Click on “Sign-in & Security”.
  • At left-pane, under the “Sign-in & Security” >> click on “Connected apps & sites”.
  • After hitting on “Connected apps & sites” option, move on right pane and keep scrolling the window.
  • In the Connected apps & sites section, enable “Allow less secure apps” option if disable.
  • After enabling the less secure app, go to Outlook window and click on “Next” button again and synchronization will start.
Note: If the error still appears, then try to change Outgoing Server Port no. : 465 | SSL or 587 | TLS or restart configuration again.

  • Now, finally your Gmail account has configured with MS Outlook successfully.

Watch Live steps to resolve "Outlook asking for username and password with Gmail" error message: