Thursday, 7 April 2016

Save Emails from Office 365 to Hard Drive

Office 365 is a server side office suite application provided by Microsoft. Office 365 allows user to access cloud technique to store all of their data. Office 365 totally depends on server and is a complete server side application program. Hence your data is only accessible to you when you have an active internet connection otherwise you cannot access it at all.

Scenario Discussed: -

In such case user often planned to switch from Office 365 to some more simplex email services. Now the issue invoke here is that you cannot take your Office 365 data to your new mail client directly. office 365 emails can be saved by both manual methods and via some third party tool. Moreover, the better option to save emails from Office 365 is to go for a reliable Third party utility which can perform automated save operation of your emails.

Recommended Solution: -

Here is the manual method to save your Office 365 emails to Hard drive.

 When you are switching from Microsoft Office 365 account to MS Outlook you can take images, existing contacts, and emails with you. You can copy everything into your Outlook data file ( PST) locally in your system and later uploaded it to Office 365 mailbox. You can access anything from anywhere so easily.

Follows the steps mentioned below: -
Step-1 Open Outlook, then click on file option resides at top-left of your screen.

Step-2 You will see Open & Export option after clicking to File. Now Select Open & export option.

Step 3 Once you put your mouse cursor on Select & export option, the right screen displays other sub-options to you. Choose import/export.

Step-4 The next step will redirects you to a popup window “Import and Export Wizard” displaying few options for exporting or importing of files in Outlook.

 STEP-5 As We’re going to export complete data into Outlook. So, Select Export to a file option and proceed to Next.

Step-6 The next option will ask you to create a file type. Select Outlook Data File (.PST) and click next.

Step-7 Select the current email account and make sure to check the subfolders inclusion option is enabled before proceeding next, otherwise it does not include any other folder apart from the default (inbox) folder.

Step-8 Now choose a destination location to save the file. You can browse any customized location. Furthermore, to remove duplicity of data enabled the option of “Replace duplicates with items exported”. And click on finish.

Step-9 Now you are asked to set a new password. You can skip this step too by clicking on OK.

Now all data is saved in the file. User need to perform an import operation now.

Step-10 Again click on file option -> Go to Open and Export-> click import/Export. In the Import & Export wizard. Click on to Import from another program or file.

Step-11 By clicking on next option in above screen you will see the pop-up again asking for a “file of type”. Choose the file type and proceed to next step.

Step-12 Import file into the same folder as shown in the screen. Click finish to complete the processing.

Hence this is the manual technique to save emails from Office 365 to Hard drive.

Using Third Party Tool

To save yourself from the bombarding of procedures and complex methods let me recommend you a very simple and reliable utility for your Office 365 mailbox. The Office 365 Backup is the one and only tool which ensures a complete save of Office 365 emails into your system locally. Moreover, the utility also claims to save contacts from Office 365 along with calendars, tasks and all embedded attributes.

The auto-operating mode makes the tool more powerful. Latterly you can export saved Office 365 emails into Outlook PST as well as import the PST into Office 365 account.

 Hence the third party utility is seeming to be more reliable then the manual method to save Office 365 emails locally & upload PST on Office 365 account.


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