Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Approach to Migrate Email from Google Apps to Office 365

In recent years, many cloud-based communication suites have come up, which has made the business more dynamic than ever by building them in more accessible, effective and flexible form. MS Office 365 has come up as a preferred choice for the business users because of its wide range of capabilities. Therefore, users need to migrate their emails from Google Apps to Office 365 as discussed below.

Why Users Prefer Office 365 Over Google Apps?

Users need to migrate email from Google Apps to Office 365 especially in large-scale organization. Reason being, it offers up to 1TB cloud storage on a drive for individual employee in an organization. Moreover, it provides easy synchronization between various platforms and devices such as Tablets, Mac, PCs, Mobiles, etc., making the access universal and mobile. Office 365 also provides desktop-based application of Office suite although Google Apps only offers browser-based services. Office 365 offers a variety of editions and widely priced plans, which is based on the number of accounts for users to be managed. It maintains the privacy of the user’s data by providing more security as compare to Google Apps. As discussed above the contrast between both the services is significant. The following section introduces the feasible method of overcoming this need of migration.

How Users can Migrate Email from Google Apps to Office 365?

There is a software namely Google Apps to Office 365, which helps users to perform the migration of all data from Google Apps to Office 365. User can convert multiple Google Apps account to Office 365 at once, which helps to save a lot of time. It migrates the data by maintaining its integrity in exact form even after migration. It is fully safe and secure to perform the migration of data by following the simple steps discussed below:
Step 1:
Install the software in your machine.
Step 2:
Choose the export option to start the process of migration of data from Google Apps to Office 365.
Step 3:
Select the mode of migration of data according to the requirement- Single User or Domain User. If you select Single User, then you can migrate only single Google Apps mailbox at a time whereas in Domain user, you can migrate multiple Google Apps mailbox at once.
Note: For using Domain User for exporting of data, you must be admin of the domain.
Step 4:
If you are not an admin, then you should select export Single User account and then choose without impersonation option to continue the procedure.
Step 5:
Authenticate the mailbox and select the data, which needs to be migrated. You can add a date filter, if required.
Step 6:
Now, click on the start button to proceed the process and check the migration status. After the completion of the process, a pop-up will appear confirming the completion.


As discussed above, an easy solution to migrate email from Google Apps to Office 365 with Google Apps to Office 365 migration tool.The software gives a freedom to do the migration of email data between two of the most powerful cloud based services, without any size limitation. According to experts, the application is designed in such a way that it provides the migration of data along with proper data security.


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