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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Export Gmail To EML Files - Complete Guide

While I was reading various forums on Gmail, I came across many user queries that were asking for ways to convert Gmail to EML files.
So I researched on the various methods through which you could successfully export Gmail messages to EML.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Envelope Sender:- Behind the Scene of E-mail World


All of us are very well aware about the term Email. The very next word being taught in the childhood just after the “Internet and its uses”. That makes us learn, “How to send E-mails and create e-mail accounts”? But there are different processing steps involved acting back stage of E-mail world for sending these E-mail.

Things to know:

While sending an E-mail it is associated in two packages. The first one is, Envelope Sender and the other is, From: address. The E-mail sends and respond in the same way as of postal mail delivering method. The difference is only of Physical and Internet world. The Postal mail delivers mails in physical form, but the E-mail acts via Virtual world. Like in the example:

From: We fills our Name and E-mail address into the header fields. (Envelope Sender)To: We enter in our friend's name and E-mail address into the header fields. (From: address)
  • We click send in your e-mail client and wait for mail server to pick up.
  • Our e-mail gets picked up by the e-mail server set in our outgoing mail server settings.
  • Then our e-mail tries to deliver from the e-mail server, to our friends remote e-mail server.
  • At final our e-mail is delivered into our friend's e-mail Inbox.
  • If a situation arises that it can’t be sent due to some issues or entering the invalid mailing address return back to the us. 

1. Envelope Sender:

Envelope sender is the E-mail package in which computer should respond. If the mail doesn’t carry appropriate E-mail address or having some issue in receiver’s Mail server it would return back to us showing Non Delivery Report(NDR) with Non Delivery Notification (NDN). It basically depends on two factors i.e Mail server and Destination of our E-mail server. The mail which is returned back is called as Bounce mail or Non Delivered Report.

Bounce mail is the mail which we receive on our E-mail Account because of undelivered mail, due to inappropriate Address entered or Temporary delivery problem with the E-mail server showing the notification as shown in an image given below:

  • This mail showing the Non Delivery Report, and is sent either by our mail server, or the destination of the mail server of our E-mail. Bounce back messages are a method which help us to know, that something has happened to disrupt our email delivery. Mail servers uses Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to handle the deliveries for the server. If we typed our friend's email address incorrect or due to temporary delivery problem with their mail server, then the remote MTA will send a bounce back message to our Email error comprising of message or error code and explaining the reason for undelivered mail.
  • There are three types of bounce mail:a). Soft Bounce backb). Hard Bounce backc). Blacklisted Bounce back
a). Soft Bounce back:
A soft bounce can be called when the entered email address was valid and the email message reached to the recipient’s mail server. But, it bounced back due to following reasons:
  • The mailbox of the user was completely filled with mails.
  • Due to slow connectivity with server.
  • Too large message for the recipient’s inbox.
b). Hard Bounce back:
A hard bounce can be called because of permanently rejection of the mail, due to following reasons:
  • Invalid E-mail address.
  • Non-existence of E-mail address.

2. From: address

From: address is the email package on which people should Respond. It shows the Recipient the Name and E-mail address of the sender. It can also be changed using following steps:-
1). Open Gmail
2). On the top right, click Settings.
3).Click on Account and Import tab.

4)In the “Send mail as” section, apply your Name as your wish and E-mail address you want to apply.


This article deals with the packages involved in sending an E-mail. Explaining the Envelope Sender and From: address including the error code and explaining the reason for undelivered mail. It also tells about the change in “ Send mail as” feature while sending an E-mail.