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Friday, 14 October 2016

How to Attach Email in Gmail as an Attachment to Another Message

Gmail is one of the email clients that offers many facilities to it's users. Gmail allows users to attach any old message in new one. Sometimes, it's a need of users to attach any email message in a new email, Gmail makes this possible for users to attach an email message to another.

In a case when users have an email that may contain some important information, attachments or hyperlinks in such as, instead of forwarding that same email to other users, one can attach complete mail as an attachment in the new message.

Attaching an email in new email is very useful when the user wants to give reference of any information.

There are different methods to attach email to email in Gmail, which can be done saving a message as an EML file on the desktop and by saving the email in Google Drive. The user can follow any of these methods to attach old email in another mail. In this article we will discuss the different steps involved in attaching email to email in Gmail.

Attach an Email to Another Email in Gmail

Now let's consider one query from Gmail user:

"I am using Gmail and I have one very crucial email, rather than just copy or forward that email, I want include the same email as an attachment in my new message. How can I attach that previous email in a new email message?"

Gmail attach email message by saving it in Google Drive, In this method, the user can attach previous email in a new email by saving that email In Google Drive. one can attach that file while writing a new message. To do this task one can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the email that user want to attach in new message Now click on drop down menu present next to reply arrow
  • Click on Print option
  • Once the user clicked on Print option, a print screen will display, Now user need to click Change button in destination section. This will change the destination of email.
  • After clicking Change icon, user can select Save to Google Drive in the Google Cloud Print
  • Now click on Save to complete the process
  • User can also view their saved email in Google Drive
  • To attach saved email in new mail, click on Compose and Click on Google Drive icon and select the old message to the email

User can also attach email to email by saving the previous mail as an EML file:

  • Save email as an EML file on the desktop
  • If user wants to remove recipients email address from the message, user can use text editor
  • Compose new message and attach that EML file in it
  • and Click on Send


It is very convenient for users to attach old email in an email instead of adding previous mail screen shots or forwarding the same email. The user can follow above mentioned steps to attach an email in a new email. The method of saving email in Google drive makes that email more secure, portable and more acceptable, which also a very easy method to attach email in am email. In the second method, a user can also attach EML file in a new message.