Friday, 11 November 2016

Export Thunderbird Contacts to Gmail Contacts

In this informative article, you will learn about how to export Thunderbird contacts to Gmail contacts by manual and automatic methods. Many of us use multiple email account on web-based service or desktop-based service so we all need to merge our contacts in one place either in Thunderbird or in Gmail as per our need. In such situation we need to export our contacts from one account to another account and save contacts over the cloud is the best way to secure our important contacts.
By the manual method, you should first export all relevant contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird (vCard) then import address book(vCard) into Gmail contacts.
By the automatic method, you go for third party tool which easily export Contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook without any extra efforts.
Both methods are effective and secure but choose which methods is totally dependents on your Mozilla Address book sizes. For example, if your Thunderbird address book contains 500 contacts then you must use manual methods or if your Mozilla address book contains 5000 contacts then you must use automatic method.
In next section, you will learn how to export contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird address book then how to import contacts into Gmail address book.

Steps to Export Contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book

1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

2. Go to Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book → Tools → Export.

3. Assign name to folder & Save contacts in vCard format(sample.vcf) to desired location.

4. Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book exported in vCard format and saved on the local machine.

5. You can directly open your Mozilla Thunderbird contacts by double click.

Note: After the successful conversion please create a backup of your important Mozilla Thunderbird address book data for future references.

Steps to Import Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts into Gmail Contacts

1. Open Gmail Account → Go to Contacts from left side drop down.

2. Go to More Actions pull-down choose Import option Pop will display then select CSV or vCard File option.

3. After selection its redirect to new tab then pop up will display to choose a file from the local drive. Click on Choose File button.

4. Select Thunderbird contacts which saved in local drive(sample.vcf).

5. Click on Import button and your contacts will reflect in Gmail account.

Note: After successful conversion please save all imported Gmail contacts in the local drive for future references by use Gmail Export option.


In the informative article, you would understand how to export Mozilla Thunderbird address book and import into Gmail address book. We are enclosing best possible manual steps to export Thunderbird contacts to Gmail contacts. Use the manual method when you stored lots of contacts in Mozilla Thunderbird address book because we don’t know when a perfect tool stop working. Easily exported all Mozilla Thunderbird address book with contacts properties such as name, email address, nickname, home phone, work phone, organization, pager, cellular, home address, work address, personal & business web page, etc. For a secure and easy conversion use a reliable third party tool.


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