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Know Methods to Import Mac Outlook OLM Contacts to Gmail Account

Import OLM Contacts to Gmail

Nowadays people working on Mac Outlook wants to switch to web-based email clients like Gmail. But there is no direct method to migrate from Mac Outlook to Gmail. One has to take a backup in the form of OLM file and then you can migrate your OLM contacts to Gmail. Saving data to the cloud is a good choice as all your contacts, emails, calendars, etc from Outlook is secure and can be retrieved anytime. The contacts may contain important phone numbers or addresses. Instead of maintaining a hand-written diary for the contacts, people prefer to save their contacts in mobile phones, email clients which they can access anytime. Web email clients keep the contacts secure on the server or cloud.

Someone asked the query ‘I was a Mac user and now I have switched to Windows. I created a backup for my Mac Outlook contacts. But I don’t know how to import those contacts to Gmail. Please help me. Thanks!!’

Manual Techniques to Export Mac Outlook Contacts to Gmail

There is no direct method to move all the contacts to Gmail. Mac stores all files in data storage repository OLM file. You need to export all the contacts from Mac Outlook in TXT file format. Then convert TXT (text) file To CSV(Comma Separated Value) format. You can now import that file to Gmail. Follow below steps:

  1. Export OLM contacts to .txt file
    • You should have Microsoft Outlook in MAC computer system to create a backup.
    • Click on the File tab and select Export option.

    • An Export window will appear. To export contacts only, click on the option Contacts to a list (tab-delimited text).

    • Now enter the name of the file and browse the location to save that file.

    • Click on Save and then Done for the final confirmation.

  2. Convert .txt file to .csv file format
  3. To move MAC Outlook OLM contacts to Gmail, there is a need of conversion of TXT file to CSV because a .txt file cannot be directly important by Gmail.

    • Open the text file using MS Excel application.

    • Click on the File tab and then tap on Save As.

    • Then you will see many file formats. Select the MS-DOS Comma Separated (.csv).

    • Now you can select the desired location to save the file.

  4. Import .csv file to Gmail
    • Login to your Gmail account. Click on Gmail and then on Contacts.

    • Click on More and then select Import option.

    • From a drop-down menu, select Comma Separated Value or vCard file and click Next.

    • Browse the location for the file and click on Import.

    • The process of importing will start and you will get a notification to merge Gmail contacts. If you want to merge, click on Find & merge Duplicates.

    • Now you see My Contacts tab and verify it.


There is always some drawbacks of manual methods. Like it can be a time-consuming process to perform a three-step process for the migration of Mac Outlook contacts to Gmail. It is also possible that you won’t be able to import all contacts at a time and can face data loss.

Expertise solution

You can try manual methods to move your contacts from olm to Gmail. But to save your time and efforts in transferring unlimited Mac Outlook contacts to Gmail without any data loss, you can go for third-party solutions. There is no technical assistance required to work on this tool. You can easily export contacts from Outlook for Mac OLM to CSV and then import it to Gmail.


In this informative article, the manual methods and automated solutions are discussed. To transfer Mac Outlook OLM contacts to Gmail, the manual method is mentioned above. And if you are unable to achieve by that technique, you can go for an automated solution.You may found this article helpful to move data safely and without any data loss.


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