Friday, 28 April 2017

Know Easy Methods to Import Windows Live Mail Contacts to Gmail

Import Windows Live Mail Contacts to Gmail Step by Step

There are number of email clients desktop-based or web-based. Windows Live mail (WLM) or Live mail by Microsoft and Gmail by Google both are web-based email clients. In order to gain knowledge, a number of users are trying different email clients. Creating an account in any other email client is not a difficult task but to move one’s valuable data is. Different file formats are supported by these two email clients and any corruption of data can lost the entire data. In today’s digital world, no one saves their contacts in a pocket-size address book but online to retrieve it from cloud. Importing Windows Live mail contacts to Gmail is discussed in this article.

There are certain genuine reasons that people prefer to switch to Google in terms of security, more storage space, quick functioning, fast loading time, simple interface and many advanced features supported by Gmail.

A query was asked “I was using a Hotmail id but now I have switched to Gmail. I have some important contacts in my live mail id and I want to import and have tried to move my contacts into my Gmail account. But I am unable to access it in my Google account.

Manual methods to sync live mail contacts to Gmail

Follow easy steps to export contacts from Windows Live mail to Gmail:
  1. Launch WLM application in your system. Click on Contacts from the Inbox menu in the left side of the screen.

  2. Click on the Export button from the tool bar. Choose the Comma Separated values (.csv) file format.

  3. Now browse the location where you want to save all the Live mail contacts. Then click on Save.

  4. After choosing the file name and location for the contacts, click on Next. Now further window will appear asking for other things to import. Select it accordingly and then click on Finish.

  5. In the above steps, you have exported contacts from Live mail. Now you have to import Windows Live mail contacts to Gmail.
  6. Sign in your Gmail account and click on Gmail drop-down menu. Select Contacts from it.

  7. Click on More drop down menu and click on Import option.

  8. Then browse your CSV contacts file and then click on Open button.

  9. Now click the blue Import button and wait for few moments. It will show the list of the contacts.

  10. It is possible that you might have some contacts in your Gmail account. So as to merge all contacts click on Find & merge duplicates from the above message.

  11. Now click on Contacts to see if all are imported and merged in your Gmail Account.

Limitations of the manual methods

There are few drawbacks of the above manual approach. Some are discussed below:
  • Above method is a time consuming and a tedious process.
  • Some contacts can be lost during the migration of data.
  • You can add a limited number of contacts in the distribution list of WLM.

Expertise solution

One can try the above mentioned method to export contacts from WLM and then move that contacts to Google mail. Somehow it can block access to your contacts in Gmail account. So to save time and efforts, an effective solution to convert windows live mail to Outlook PST is provided in this article to import Live mail contacts to Google account. This application can directly transfer Live Mail contacts to Gmail. 


In this informative article, there is a manual provided for a user to WLM contacts Gmail sync. There are many advantages of Google email client to keep the data secure in Google cloud. So that makes a user to change his mind and switch to Gmail. Above automated solution is an easy step to import Windows live mail contacts to Gmail with least efforts and hassle.


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