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How to Save Gmail Messages Offline in Local Drive.

How to Save Gmail Messages Offline: A Quick Glance

Emails are one of the essential mediums used for the sharing of information. These emails consist of a lot of crucial information like bank statements, account & password information, business related reports, university grades, online shopping details, etc. Gmail is one such email client, which is famous throughout the whole world. In fact, many people use Gmail as the necessary email client for storing valuable personal as well as work emails. However, there is always a possibility that the data stored on the Internet or Gmail cloud could be deleted or become inaccessible. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances it is recommended to save Gmail messages on computer or offline by creating a backup. This ensures the safety and security of the data. Moreover, users can create Gmail messages offline backup on a regular basis. They can take backup in local system so that they can access emails in offline mode as well.

Manual Methods to Save Gmail Messages Locally

These are 2 reliable manual methods to save Google email messages offline:

Method 1: Backup Gmail Offline & Access In Thunderbird

Many free email applications are available to save Gmail messages such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and Mac Mail. A user can backup their data by enabling the POP settings in their Google account with the help of these steps as mentioned below:
  1. Firstly, sign in to your Gmail account with valid credentials.
  2. Now, at the top of the page, click on Settings & open the tab of Forwarding and POP/IMAP there.
  3. Put a check mark in front of Enable POP for all mail.
  4. Then, click on the option of Save changes.
  5. Finally, open mail application that you have configured for the account of Gmail & check for the latest or new messages.

Now, you can use any other desktop-based email client for downloading Gmail as POP3. This will save Gmail messages locally in the email applications. Using this you can put the messages in email utility or replicate them to a folder on the local hard drive. There are some steps mentioned below to sync Gmail email messages in Thunderbird.
  1. Firstly, you need to open any email application that in order to sync & save Google email messages offline in your system.
  2. Now, put your Gmail credentials to login into your account.
  3. Then, Thunderbird will download all your Google e-mails.
  4. But this email client does not take the backup of emails that resides in Sent email list.

Method 2: Save Gmail Messages Offline Through Google Takeout

To save Google email messages offline, Google Takeout is another manual method. It can help in creating a backup on user’s local machine or hard drive.
  1. Firstly, login to your Google Account. Click on your profile picture then click on My Account.
  2. A dashboard for all the settings will appear.
  3. Click on Personal info & privacy and then tap on Control your content. You can see this option under the Personal info & privacy heading.

  4. Then, click on Create Archive, which is below the Download your data section.

  5. Choose each aspect of the Google account, which you wish to access & save offline. Everything is selected by default.
  6. You will see an arrow to the right of All mail. Once you click this option, it will permit you to select between downloading all or selecting definite emails.
  7. After this, click on Next

  8. Now, click the box, which is under the Archive size (max) heading. This will display a drop- down menu along with various options of sizes.
  9. Make sure ".zip" is chosen in File Type.
  10. Once you have clicked a download size, then anything bigger than chosen size will carry over to another file.
  11. Click on the box, which is beneath the Delivery method.
  12. You will receive a link to download a file in current Gmail address that will allow you to save Gmail messages offline. As soon as you click on the link, it will start downloading the file and provide three options to save the file:
    • Add to Drive
    • Add to Dropbox
    • Add to OneDrive
  13. In this step, you need to click on a Delivery Method.
  14. Now, click on Create archive and the process to take the backup will begin.

  15. Now a notification will come to download the backup file. Click on Manage Archives.

  16. After that, your archive file is ready to download. Then click on View in Drive option.

  17. Now you can download your takeout file from it by clicking on Download option.

  18. After that, you can access save Gmail messages offline zip file in your desired location of your system.

Apart from these two manual methods, users can opt for an easy way to restore the Gmail data so that you can access it in offline mode. One such solution is mentioned below.

Trouble Free Solution

An outstanding utility which is intended to backup Gmail data by archiving complete Gmail contents like emails, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. The tool is aimed to save Gmail messages offline securely and to create a Gmail backup for a single as well as multiple user accounts. It has a special feature called Delete After Download that frees server space. The Gmail File Archive tool is built in a way that it offers an option to resume even the paused backup process. It is compatible with Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail and much more. It is indeed the ultimate software for reliable backup of Gmail files and folders in a hassle free way. The tool is far from complexities unlike manual methods.


After considering that how important role Gmail plays in storing the information and a need to save Gmail messages offline, we have discussed 2 easy manual methods to take backup Gmail locally. The third method is an automated solution and is the easiest and safest among the all.


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