Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Importing Gmail to Office 365 by an easy five-step procedure

Gmail to Office 365 Migration

Gmail is a web-based email application provided by Google which is free of cost. Office 365 is a collaboration suite by Microsoft which is a collection of software and services. There is a requirement of internet access to use these email applications. When it comes to Office 365, it is a collaboration suite which provides amazing features like Outlook on Web, archive emails, cloud hosted version of server platform and other Microsoft Office applications online. But there is still a requirement to move emails from Gmail to Office 365 having an easy interface because of storage capacity, multiple user accounts, security and other feature of Office 365 is providing.

Steps For Google Mail To Office 365 Migration

One can perform Gmail to O365 migration only if a user has a subscription plan and he needs to sign in as an Admin in Office 365.
Follow five-step procedure for Gmail to Office 365 migration using IMAP protocol. But first, create an application password to access the account.

  1. Creating Office 365 Mailbox: Before any migration process, it is necessary to create an account in Office 365 for the creation of mailboxes either by single or multiple users according to subscription plans.
  2. Creating Gmail Migration Files: Now create a list of migration files in an Excel spreadsheet. You must login to your Gmail account to access those files. Follow below steps:
    • Create a worksheet in MS Excel with attributes Email Address, Username and Password.
    • Enter the credential details of your Gmail account in the sheet which you want to migrate.

    • Now you have to save your file in CSV format. Make sure the rows and columns of the file are not empty.

  3. Verifying Communication between Office 365 and Gmail: For the Gmail to O365 migration process, there must be a connection between Google mail and Office 365. To create and verify the connection, a service by Office 365 called as Migration Endpoint is used. Follow below steps:
    • Login into Office 365 account with valid credentials.
    • Go to Admin and then click on Exchange on the left side of the window.

    • An EAC (Exchange Admin Center) page will appear. Click on Recipients menu. Then select Migration option.

    • Click on “...” icon and then click on Migration endpoints.

    • In window Migration Endpoint Wizard, click on IMAP. Then click on Next.

    • In IMAP server, enter keeping the rest as it is. Click on Next button.

    • Now mention the Migration endpoint name and leave the rest. Click on New button and endpoint is created.

  4. Migrating Gmail Account Mailbox: To transfer emails from Gmail to Office 365, follow below steps:
    • Open EAC page again and go to Recipients. Click on Migration and then on the + button. Select Migrate to Exchange Online.

    • A New Migration Batch window will appear. Select IMAP migration (supported by Exchange and other email systems). Click on Next button.

    • Select Allow Unknown column in CSV file and then click on Browse button.
    • Now browse your CSV file created in above steps. And then click on Open button.

    • Now your CSV file will get uploaded. Click on Next button.

    • Select the Migration endpoint in Select a Migration Endpoint Wizard created in Step 3. click on Next button. Then enter in IMAP Server keeping the rest as it is. Click on Next again.

    • Mention the batch name in New Migration Batch for configuration settings. Now click on Next button.

  5. Verifying Gmail Migration: Go to Exchange Admin Center and again go to Recipients then Migration. To verify the migration, check if the batch name is displayed on the dashboard. If Gmail to Office 365 migration process is completed, then all the Synced Names will be displayed on the status. And if not, then it will show Failed with an error status.


In above informative article, information regarding Gmail to Office 365 migration is shared. A manual five-step procedure is discussed for Google Apps to Office 365 migration. Perform above steps and transfer your emails from Gmail to O365 safely.


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