Thursday, 1 June 2017

Export Gmail to MBOX Format: Transfer Emails from Gmail to Thunderbird

"I want to export Gmail to MBOX files on my hard disk drive format. If possible I would want to move all my emails including Inbox folder, starred emails, drafts items, user labels, and others. Is there any process to transfer emails from Gmail account to Thunderbird?"

"One of my colleague is using Gmail account in his office. Now, he has switched to Mozilla Thunderbird email client. He wants to move all emails from Gmail to MBOX. Can anyone suggest a method which can help to convert Gmail emails to .mbox format?"

Similarly, there are many users who want to transfer Gmail emails to MBOX format. In this article, we will be going to discuss the best solution to know how to import Gmail emails to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Method 1: Know How to Export Gmail to MBOX File Format

The mail messages in the Gmail’s email accounts of users are downloaded via IMAP as well as via POP. Now, as a matter of fact, Gmail actually allows the users to export their emails and take backups of their Gmail’s email data just by saving that email data as MBOX files. Performing this process is super-simple. The user required to do is to perform the steps below to download all Gmail emails to Thunderbird:

  1. Just head straight to the Google’s data-downloading page.
  2. And then sign into his email account.
  3. After that, click “Create an archive”.
  4. And now, search for new Gmail’s entries.
  5. When archive gets formed with the help of employing any 1 of the options available.
  6. Get the link to the location.
  7. As per the amount of info there in the email account, this procedure can take several minutes or even some hours.
  8. Many users receive the link to the archive same day the request is sent.
  9. Email storing format that is being used to organize the emails in one particular text file will save mail messages in concentrated form wherein every mail message is saved one after other, initiating with the "From" header, which was used previously by Unix hosts but it is now also being supported by other mailing tools like MS Outlook as well as Apple Mail.

Method 2: Import Gmail Emails to Thunderbird MBOX Files

There is another method also for moving mail messages from a Gmail account in MBOX file format. This can be utilized for creating archives to keep the records or to use the mailing data in some other service. If a user wants to download selected mail messages only, then there is a need to start the Google Mail to apply a label. To export Gmail to MBOX format, follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, visit
  2. Then, click "Select None" (It is only possible to store emails with Thunderbird, and not this type of other email data).
  3. Now, scroll down to "Mail".
  4. And then, click gray X available to the right side.
  5. Now, if you wish to download some messages only, then you need to click "All Mail".
  6. Once done, you then need to check "Select Labels".
  7. Then the next step involves checking the labels, which tag mails wanted to be downloaded.
  8. And after that, click "Next".
  9. Don’t alter file type.
  10. Then, click "Create Archive".
  11. This zip will get sent through delivery method thus chosen (by default, user gets a mail with the link for downloading this zip) – this might not be quick, more the number of mails being downloaded, longer it would take for creating this archive.

The Best and Relevant Solution: SysTools Gmail Backup

The above-mentioned methods to export Gmail to MBOX format are a little bit lengthy and time-consuming. Though these manual ways do give a chance to undertake the process, what remains as a foolproof solution to get hold of some workable superior-functionality 3rd party tool for the same like SysTools Gmail Backup tool. It is one of the best solutions to backup multiple Gmail accounts in most commonly used file formats. Such tools are easy to use with a simple GUI and there is a demo availability attached with these tools. This quality makes these products trustworthy and in fact, the user can try the trial version before making the payment for the licensed key of the full version of the software. So, it is suggested to export emails from Gmail to Thunderbird via automated solutions to move the emails to MBOX without any data loss.
To know more about this Gmail Backup Software, follow the link:

Final Words to Conclude

There are two manual solutions explained in this article wherein you need not turn to any 3rd party solution or any workaround to export Gmail to MBOX format. But the ultimate resolution rests with commercial vendors only. This is because of the reason that such tools are always recommended and suggested owing to the ease factor and guarantee offered towards results. So, we have tried to know the ways how to download old emails from Gmail to Thunderbird.


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