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3 Tips to Merge Two Gmail Accounts into One Inbox

How to Merge Two Gmail Accounts into One Inbox

“How do I merge two Gmail accounts or Google Apps domains into one” has become a major question to discuss. Many users and organizations want to know the relevant solution for the same. If you belong to the same category, then you are certainly in the right place. Here, in this blog, we will discuss all the best possible methods to perform this task. However, directly jumping on the solutions let us take some scenarios to know the reasons behind this merging of Gmail or Google Apps accounts to transfer data from one Google account to another.

 Query 1 
“I have a Google Apps account with and Google Account with I can use Blogger, Google Reader, etc. with only my Google Account and not with Apps account. Therefore, I need to access these services with the help of my Apps login. Moreover, I do not want to lose my email address of Gmail and the data. Is there any trick to execute this process to merge two Gmail Accounts easily?” 

Query 2
“I have two different companies with Domain 1 and Domain 2. Both the companies are getting merge therefore, I want to merge the entire data into a single Domain 3. I have admin control with Domain 1 and joined Domain with this 3. Now, I want to merge Domain 2 with Domain 3, but unable to perform this task as Domain 3 is already in use. Please guide me to perform this. I would prefer a tool to merge two Gmail accounts into one inbox so that I can quickly combine Gmail accounts.”

Approaches to Merge Two Gmail Account Emails

Tip: Before beginning the process, it is recommended to take the backup of the entire data.

Solution 1: Access Gmail to Forward Email

This is the first trick to join 2 Gmail accounts. For this, you need to follow some steps as mentioned below:

• Firstly, log in to the Gmail account. This account should be the account from which you wish to move the emails. 
• Now, in the secondary Gmail account, you need to click on gear sign to the right & choose Settings. Find Gmail’s settings 
• Hit on the tab of Forwarding and POP/IMAP and find the Forwarding settings. • After this, click on Add a Forwarding Address. 
• Put in the email address, in which you will receive your forwarded emails. Hit on Next and Confirm forwarding address popup will come, click on Proceed 
• Again, a popup comes up reminding about the verification of forwarding Gmail address, click OK to verify 
• Next, in the confirmation emails, a confirmation code and confirmation link are there. You need to type the code in Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Otherwise; you may click on the link for the completion of forwarding process. 
• Now, click on Confirm. After this, you will receive a final success email and the process to merge two Gmail accounts will be completed.

Solution 2: Forward Email as Other Account

To perform this method, follow these simple steps:

• In Gmail, click on the gear icon and choose Settings. Now, select Accounts and Import tab 
• Under Send Mail As, hit on Add another Email Address You Own. 
• Now, type the secondary email address. You can also edit the given name and state a dissimilar reply-to address. Now, click Send Verification 
• Then, in the verification email, a confirmation code and a confirmation link will be given. You can put the confirmation code in the verification window or can click on the confirmation link 
• A confirmation popup will be displayed, click on Confirm. Now, Gmail can send the mail as the secondary mail account. You need to do the procedure repeatedly for all email addresses you wish to use in Gmail 
• Once it is done, a new From drop-down will be there in Compose New Message window. Choose address using which you wish to send the email

Solution 3: Put a Default Send Email as Address

It is possible that you want to send the email more often from Outlook or from other mail addresses. In this situation, set other emails address as default Send Mail As address in Gmail account. This how you can do it: 
• First, click on the icon of gear to the right and select Settings. Select the Accounts and Import tab. You can see all the connected addresses in the list 
• Click on Make Default on next to the mail address you generally use to send email 
• When you create a new mail, default address in Send Mail As will be selected automatically in From field

Do You Find All Manual Solutions Tricky? Go For Third Party Tool

Using this innovative program, the user can create the backup of Gmail account supported by Windows Live Mail, Outlook, etc. This software is capable of combining two Gmail accounts. Therefore, once the backup has been taken users can even merge two Gmail accounts very easily. Moreover, the software keeps the entire data safe and secure. 

Solution 5: G Suite Backup Software 

Just like the above-mentioned tool, G Suite data Backup utility is another application to backup Google Apps mailboxes. Once the backup is created, the tool can even export it to PST, MSG, MBOX, and EML format, so that the user can easily join 2 Gmail accounts. This modern application is capable of taking the backup of single or multiple domains as well. Therefore, to merge Two Gmail accounts has become more easy and quick with this utility.

Wrapping it Up

Inevitably, Gmail or Google Apps are widely used platforms for the maintenance of data. However, due to some professional needs users want to Merge two Gmail accounts or Google Apps account. Considering this, we have discussed all the possible solutions to transfer data from one Google account to another. However, it is suggested to opt for third party utilities for safe and secure completion of the process.


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