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Migrate Yahoo to Thunderbird – Export Yahoo Mail to MBOX Files

In today's dynamic era, where technology changes day by day. The most discussed subject is the Email Migration. Many users these days are migrating from the web based email applications to the Desktop based Email clients. The following Post discusses the most popular web based and desktop based email client such as Yahoo to Thunderbird. Also We suggest the appropriate methodology or technique to transfer/export Yahoo to MBOX.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is a web based mail service started by Yahoo in the Year 1997. By the Year 2011, Yahoo had become 3rd largest web based email service available world wide. But, Yahoo announced that there was a security breach for more than 1 million user accounts. Since then due to the threat of security breach. Many users have migrated from the yahoo mail service to desktop based email clients. One such popular email client is “Mozilla Thunderbird”.

The Thunderbird Email Client

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open-source, cross-platform, news, chat client application developed by the “Mozilla Foundation” and was released in 2004. The application facilitates the user to configure multiple email accounts to the same application. Hence, It is very user-friendly for the user to manage multiple email accounts. The Application uses the MBOX file format that consists of all the user's emails.

Reasons for the user's to migrate from Yahoo to Thunderbird

  1. Risk of Security Breach: As it is seen in multiple cases, where the security of many user accounts have been compromised in many cases. This threat gets eliminated while the user utilizes a desktop based email client such as the Thunderbird application.
  2. Multiple Account Configuration: Multiple accounts can be configured onto the Thunderbird application. This makes user email account management very easy.
  3. backups: While using Thunderbird application the data is being saved physically on hard disk drive of the computer.

How to Add Yahoo to Thunderbird.

Following are the steps that can be followed to add the Yahoo mail account data to the Mozilla Thunderbird Application:
  1. Start the Mozilla Thunderbird Application. On the Main page go to the tools button >> Click on Account settings >> Click on Account Options.
  2. Now, On the next menu click on the “Add mail account Option”.
  3. On the next menu please provide the required username and password for the yahoo mail account that is to be configured to the Thunderbird application. Once all the details have been provided click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Select the IMAP option in the server settings. al Config. & provide the following settings Incoming: Either 993 or 143(For SSL) or 585 (SSL). Outgoing: Either 25 or 465 (SSL) or 2525 (used rarely).
  5. Once the IMAP Settings have been provided click on the “Retest” button to check the implemented settings.
  6. The process is almost complete click on the “Create Account” button. And you can view the mails in the Yahoo mail account by clicking on the “Get Mail” button.

The Above mentioned steps can be followed in-order to add the yahoo mail account to the Mozilla Thunderbird application. However, the steps illustrate to the manual configuration of a IMAP account on the Thunderbird application. This can be very difficult for the non technical users. So, There arises a need for a Yahoo Backup software that can easily create backups for the user account in the such that the conversion of Yahoo mail to MBOX is performed and then that backup can be added very easily to the application. .

The Conclusion

On the above mentioned post, We have discussed the Yahoo Mail the web based email service from Yahoo and the Mozilla Thunderbird Desktop Based email client application. We discussed about the requirement that for migrating the data in Yahoo to Thunderbird Email client application. We also suggest a series of steps to be conducted for Migrating Yahoo mail to MBOX and then the final resultant file will be imported to the Thunderbird Application.


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